Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Sue

Ladies and gentlemen, it is your lucky day, because today we have a second serving of our Volunteer Spotlight. Today we wanted to recognize a wonderful volunteer, Sue Keenan, who has been helping out at HSP for over a decade now. Sue began helping out here around the office about ten years ago, and after starting her own business, she began helping us in a different way, by picking up gifts for our Children’s Birthday Project and wrapping them for us. For years Sue has been providing expertly wrapped gifts for the children in our project. We at HSP would like to thank Sue for all the heartfelt work she does for us.

Sue is a woman of many talents. She is the founder of the Village Theater Guild in Glen Ellyn, which is going on its 50th year. Through the guild she directs and acts. Professionally, Sue is a personal concierge. You can learn more about her business at

Sue enjoys volunteering as a wrapper because it is a volunteer opportunity she can do in the comfort of her home. Sue claims she was drawn to HSP because she “likes helping people, and has a soft spot in her heart for children.” Sue has turned this soft spot into a labor of love lasting over 10 years. If you would be interested in donating your time to pick up and wrap some gifts for us, like Sue, you can learn more under the “Wrap Gifts for Children” heading here:, or call us at 630-221-8340.

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