Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Tech Savvy Gift

Computers serve an integral role in our daily lives. We probably do not have to tell you that, considering you are reading this on a computer right now. Many people use computers as both a primary means of communication and information daily. Computers are so omnipresent in our society, not owning a computer can be rather inconvenient. However, computer equipment can be expensive, and it is a luxury that the seniors in our Senior Citizen Project can not afford. That is why we at Humanitarian Service Project are so excited to have received a donation of 15 flat screen computer monitors from DSV in Itasca to go to the seniors in the project. These great monitors will help HSP make the lives of the seniors in our program much easier. Thank you so much, DSV!

DSV donated the monitors to us at HSP through Lorena Mazariegos, who heads the local branch of DSV and just so happens to be one of the fantastic volunteer drivers for our Senior Delivery Days. When her company determined they needed a different style of monitors for their computers, Lorena immediately thought about the needy seniors in our project and thought that the outgoing, but still very new, monitors could serve them well. We at HSP want to thank Lorena and DSV for their thoughtful donation. If you have an item that you think would improve the life of a needy senior, please call us at 630-221-8340 to see if we could use the item to fulfill a need for one, or more, of our seniors.

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