Monday, October 3, 2011

Keeping us Cut Clean

Those of you who have seen the film Forrest Gump may recall a scene in which Forrest makes a great deal of money by investing in Apple Computers. When his friend Lt. Dan tells him he won’t have to worry about money anymore, Forrest says “well that’s nice! You know, one less thing.” Considering we’re in the non-profit world, Humanitarian Service Project won’t ever be at the point where we won’t have to consider money anymore, but thanks to the generosity of one of our supporters we do have “one less thing” to worry about around here, our lawn. For this reason we at HSP would like to thank Chuck Strayve of Chuck Strayve Landscaping for his continued donation of his time and talent, to keep our lawn looking beautiful. Chuck’s crew was out here just this morning, and the lawn looks great!

Chuck has been donating his services to HSP for roughly a decade and we are thrilled to have his services. If our lawn could talk, we’re sure it would tell you the same thing. Chuck owns his own landscaping company out of West Chicago, which serves Chicagoland. You can check out the company’s website at We would again like to thank Chuck for his continued support, as well as, all of the other volunteers and donors that use their talents to help HSP in many diverse and wonderful ways!

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