Thursday, October 20, 2011

20 Hours is Less Than You Think!

About two weeks ago, we at the Humanitarian Service Project began welcoming students from College of DuPage, who were volunteering to do at least 20 hours of work here as part of the college’s Service Learning Program. Well 20 hours goes by quickly, and we already have to get ready to say goodbye to some of them. The Service Learning students have been a huge help around the office and warehouse, and we’ve done our best in giving them a crash course in everything. For example, Doug, who finished his hours yesterday, did a myriad of different tasks around our warehouse and helped us get ready for the next few months of our Children’s Birthday Project. We are also excited to announce that Jill, one of the service learning students who has already completed her twenty hours, will still be helping out around the office. We want to thank Rebecca, Jill, and Doug, the Service Learning students, for all of their hard work, and, if these three are any indication, we are excited to have more Service Learning students starting soon.

The goal of College of DuPage’s Service Learning Program is “to offer students a chance to master coursework content while making a real difference in the community.” The Service Learning students have definitely been useful in helping HSP make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. We hope the Service Learning students who’ve started already, and those that start soon, will find the experiences gained by volunteering with the HSP rewarding. If you are interested in getting an in the trenches look at the non-profit world, we encourage you to volunteer here at the HSP just like these students. You can learn more about our volunteer opportunities here:

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