Friday, March 29, 2013

Jay Stream Middle School Raises $140 to Help Needy Seniors

Earlier this week, HSP received a donation from the Student Council of Jay Stream Middle School, right here in Carol Stream. These students heard about the great needs of the seniors in our Senior Citizen Project from their advisor Kelly Colucci, and this inspired them to hold a fundraiser to support the project. These student council members were able to raise, and donate, $140 through the admission proceeds from a “Fun Night” for the sixth graders at the school.

Because the sixth graders could not attend a dance held for the seventh and eighth graders, the student council put together this event for the sixth graders. This money will help HSP purchase nutritious food like fresh fruits and vegetables, to provide the seniors in our program with the healthy diet they need. With 121 needy seniors receiving 100 lbs. of groceries each month through the Senior Citizen Project, it is great to see young people, like the members of Jay Stream’s student council, doing their part to help reach out to those in need in the community. While today, most area students are taking a well deserved rest at the tail end of their spring break, Humanitarian Service Project would like to take the opportunity to recognize these young, local students for stepping up to help HSP serve needy senior citizens.

If you too would like to help HSP make an impact in the lives of needy senior citizens, you can learn how to lend a hand on our website:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

HSP Says Goodbye to a Great Intern


Today, at the Humanitarian Service Project, we are bidding farewell to one of the members of our bright, intern team. Rosie Bruns, our marketing intern, has completed her internship as of today, and will be moving on to new endeavors. By finishing her internship, Rosie, a senior at Northern Michigan University, has now officially fulfilled the requirements for her degree in Communication Studies. In her time here, Rosie has done great work for the sake of the needy seniors and families we serve, and she has been quite the cheerful presence around the HSP Center.

During her internship, Rosie lent her support by connecting HSP with schools, churches, and other community groups, informing them about ways they could help HSP in fulfilling the needs of those served by our programs. Rosie’s efforts have contributed greatly in bringing in many donations of non-perishable foods and paper products for the needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. She has also lent her support to a number of other projects, including contributing to this very blog. Everyone at HSP is sad to see Rosie go, and we wish her the best in all her future endeavors as she embarks on this exciting, new, post-collegiate stage of her life.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

High Five for this Drive!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to take a moment and thank the fantastic student body from Harrison Street School in Geneva. The school ran a generous drive for HSP by collecting both paper products and food items, which are both greatly needed in order for us to serve our needy seniors. This morning our volunteer, Jeff Marker, kindly picked up the wonderful donation. The students collected 10 boxes worth of various non-perishable food items and paper products, mostly consisting of toilet paper!

This food and paper drive, hosted by Harrison Street School, has helped HSP in such a big way and will greatly benefit our needy seniors! To add to the celebration, the school was able to collect enough party supplies and decorations to put together 4 Party-In-A-Bag Kits that will help several needy children in the Children’s Birthday Project! HSP would like to thank Harrison Street School for their teamwork and generosity in putting this drive together and creating such a successful outcome!

If you would like to host a food drive or paper drive to help HSP serve the needy seniors of DuPage and Kane Counties, please give us a call at (630)221-8340 or e-mail us at 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Two New Interns Join HSP!

Yesterday, HSP was happy to welcome new intern Michael Thurston onto the team. Michael is currently a senior at North Central College, majoring in Sociology. Michael joins us as a general intern, and, in this capacity, he will be assisting HSP in a number of different projects including interviewing the needy seniors we served for our annual updates on their status. Michael comes onboard our intern team already having some familiarity with HSP and our programs. A few years ago, as a student at College of DuPage, Michael did community service hours with us as part of the College’s Service Learning program. Michael is planning on applying to work with AmeriCorps after he graduates, and eventually intends to get a Masters Degree in Social Work. These goals, and his strong drive to serve others, are what guided Michael to want to join the HSP team. He says that going on a service trip to the Gulf Coast shortly after Hurricane Katrina is what inspired him to dedicate himself to serving others. Michael is also heavily involved with Habitat for Humanity, and even went to Guatemala last summer to help build houses in a remote village. With such a clear passion for service, Michael certainly fits in well here at HSP, and we are glad to welcome him to the team.

          Then today HSP added another bright intern to the team, Byron McGuire. A recent graduate from Elmhurst College, who discovered HSP at the Elmhurst College Job Fair only a few weeks ago, Byron will be working as a Grant Writing Intern. Byron graduated with an English Degree, making him the ideal candidate for writing up and applying for the necessary grants Humanitarian Service Project needs to be a success in helping serve the needy seniors and children of DuPage and Kane Counties. Byron has been interested in the non-profit world for quite some time, seeing as he was involved with First Church’s Outreach House, helping with children, and participating in a monthly food drive. Outside his interest in service, Byron reaches out to many others in his spare time with his very own Youtube channel, where he applies his more creative writing skills by sharing his poetry. Byron’s goal, after HSP, is to find a career that he really enjoys.

        Both Michael and Byron have expressed excitement in starting their internships, and we at HSP are grateful to be able to have them join our team. Please join us in welcoming them to HSP.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A Donation Stuffed Full of Care

Late last week, Humanitarian Service Project received a donation that was both thoughtful and unbearably cute. St. Raphael Catholic Church, in Naperville, made and donated 160 soft and cuddly teddy bears for the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project. The bears, which came in the form of regular teddy bears, panda bears, and koalas, were made by St. Raphael’s parishioners as part of a church-wide weekend of service last month. These adorable teddy bears are only the most recent donation from the members of St. Raphael, who have been very active and generous in helping us fulfill the needs of the impoverished seniors and children served by our programs. Last month, as part of the same weekend of service, the parishioners from the church wrapped the gifts for 25 of the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project and made kits full of personal care items, for the needy seniors we serve.

            These donated teddy bears will become part of the 20-25 lb. “Birthday Boxes” received by the 900 needy children in our project. Each box contains 6-10 new gifts, 6 books, school supplies, numerous smaller “filler gifts,” a “party in a box” kit full of party supplies, and, of course, a stuffed animal. HSP wishes to thank St. Raphael Church for these bears, and their continued support in helping us make birthdays special for needy children. If you too are interested in our Children’s Birthday Project, you can learn the many ways you can lend a hand on our website:  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Serve a Senior as a Secret Pal!

Humanitarian Service Project is looking for supporters willing to participate in our Secret Pal program. This program is part of our Senior Citizen Project, which serves 121 seniors suffering under poverty. Struggling to afford necessary expenses like rent, or medical costs, these seniors have to go without purchasing items that could make their lives easier, or provide them comfort. Participants in the Secret Pal program sign up to buy a $5-$25 gift for their senior each month, which is delivered to the seniors with the 100 lb. delivery of nutritious groceries they receive from our program each month.

            Here is how you can help! There are a number of seniors in our program who are currently without Secret Pals. Signing up for the program is a way for you to provide a heartfelt service to a senior in need. When you sign up, HSP will assign you a needy senior, and give you a list of items that senior has personally requested, as well as other great gift ideas. Many of our current secret pals have a lot of fun with the project, getting creative with the items they buy, or with packaging the gifts. Or, if coming to our Carol Stream Center monthly is not easy for you, several secret pals mail in gifts, like gift cards, to their pals.          

           HSP receives a great deal of feedback from the needy seniors in our project, expressing gratitude for their secret pals. One senior wrote in, “Words cannot express my gratitude for all you [her Secret Pal] do for me.” Another senior said, “To see that I am cared for through your thoughtful gifts, never fails to make my day brighter.” If fulfilling a need in the life of a needy senior in this way, sounds like something you would be interested in, please consider signing up as a secret pal. Call HSP at 630-221-8340, or check out our website for more info: 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy Birthdays Come from California!

One of the kits donated by the Girl Scout Troop 60027

Today we at Humanitarian Service Project would like to share a story with you showing how generosity and giving know no borders. Yesterday we were delighted to receive a donation from Girl Scout Troop 60027 all the way from Los Altos, California. Joanne Griffis, a leader of the troop, happened upon our website, and thought making some Party in a Box kits for needy children, would be a perfect service project for her scouts. The girls obviously loved the idea as well, because yesterday we received 4 beautiful boxes that had just made the whopping 2, 146 mile journey from Los Altos, to our center in Carol Stream!

            The four wonderful kits made by these sunny, Californian scouts, were chalk full of all the supplies needed to throw exciting and memorable birthday parties. They contained cake mix, frosting, plates, napkins, cups, streamers, party hats, candles, balloons, and various other party favors. These kits will supply four of the needy kids in our Children’s Birthday Project with the special birthday parties they deserve. We want to thank these Girls Scouts for sending their generosity, and these kits, across state lines to help us make a difference in the lives of needy children!

            HSP serves more than 900 needy children with a 20-25 pound birthday box full or new toys, boxes, and party kits, like these. If you, like this great group of Girl Scouts from California, would like to be involved in helping HSP make this all happen, you can learn more at our website:

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Spring in Our Step!

Humanitarian Service Project is looking for people to participate in and support HSP for the second annual DuPage County Human Race, happening on April 27th! Today is the first day of spring, and though it may not seem like it, the weather will soon be turning around! In anticipation of this spring weather, everyone should get their outdoor running gear ready to join us in this wonderful community wide event that will benefit various non-profits, including HSP.

There are two options available to help out and support HSP! First you can sign up and join in the fun of the 5k run/walk, but if for some reason you are unable to attend the event you can also help out by donating to those that will be participating. Having both of these options is great because then everyone can be apart of this fantastic fundraiser!

The Human Race will be happening at The Esplanade at Locust Point in Downers Grove.  If you register for the walk, dogs, strollers, and wheelchairs are all allowed, so this race can be a family affair! Otherwise you can register to run the 3.1 miles. Register fast because the race is just around the corner!

For more information and registration the Human Race official website is: To directly support HSP’s runners go to: We hope to see you there! 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gifts from Girl Scouts!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to take this opportunity to recognize all of the help and support we receive from so many of the Girl Scout Troops in our area! These girls truly stand by their mission of helping young ladies become more courageous and confident while making their community and world a better place. Just last year marked the 100th anniversary of this wonderful organization and we are glad to see it continue and grow.

At the end of last week HSP received two wonderful donations by some of our very own community Girl Scout Troops. Girl Scout Troop 50155 out of School District 93 banded together and organized a band-aid drive. The drive produced an astonishing number of band-aids, 5,286 of which were generously donated to HSP! That means a lot of healing! The band-aids will be given to both the needy seniors and children we serve in our programs. The seniors will receive them in their 100lb monthly deliveries of groceries and personal care items, while they will also reach needy children during out Feed the Kids Program.  

Our second donation came from Naperville Girl Scouts. These scouts had the great idea that while they celebrated and partied at a Daddy Daughter Dance, they should collect party supplies to donate for needy children. The result of their collection was a whole trunk load of party supplies that will make so many kids happy on their birthdays! These supplies will be used to make Party-In-A-Bag Kits which allow the needy children we serve to enjoy the full birthday experience, by creating a party environment that includes fun themed hats, plates, cups, yummy cake mix, and more!

Thank you again Girl Scout Troops for helping us serve the needy seniors and children of DuPage and Kane Counties

Monday, March 18, 2013

Two Schools Come Through with A+ Donations for Needy Seniors

Humanitarian Service Project would like to take this opportunity to highlight two very generous donations of paper products made by local schools, Albright Middle School, in Villa Park, and, Wheaton Warrenville South High School, for the sake of the needy seniors we serve.

The first drive we received was from Albright Middle School, in Villa Park, was due to host author, Chris Rylander who would discuss his popular, young-adult book series The Fourth Stall. With the event quickly coming, librarian Amy DeForrest, Principal Scott Jackson, and other staff members at the school, began to formulate a very interesting idea. Because Rylander’s books take place primarily in a bathroom stall, the AMS staff decided to do a toilet paper drive in collaboration with the author’s visit. Principal Jackson acquired a toilet on loan from Home Depot and put it on display for the drive. When the students brought in toilet paper for the drive, they got to fill up the display toilet with their donation. This idea certainly attracted the kid’s attention! Last week, Principal Jackson brought in three large bags of toilet paper to HSP.

Not content to let Albright Middle School have all the fun, today we received a paper drive from another wonderful local school, Wheaton Warrenville South High School! Mike Healy, Athletic Director at the Wheaton Warrenville South, received a letter from HSP detailing the paper needs of our needy seniors, and was motivated to take action. He took the idea to the school’s Athletic Leadership Council, and the school’s athletes really ran with it. With their spirit and hustle, the students collected five large bags of paper goods for the needy seniors, which included not only toilet paper, but other necessary paper products as well, including, paper towels and Kleenex.

These paper donations will help provide for HSP’s 121 needy senior citizens, who desperately need paper products like toilet paper, Kleenex, and paper towels, to maintain the healthy lives they deserve. HSP would again like to thank Albright Middle School, and the Wheaton Warrenville South Athletic Leadership Council for these generous and creative donations.

If you too would be interested in helping HSP serve needy senior citizens with the paper products they need, please call HSP at 630-221-8340, or check out our website to learn more:

Friday, March 15, 2013

Kohl’s Cares and Bday Cakes for Seniors

Every month HSP delivers a total of over 6 tons of nutritious groceries, to 121 impoverished seniors, so as you can imagine, it takes the hard work of quite a few people to make that happen. With our monthly delivery to the seniors occurring tomorrow, we want to take this opportunity to thank those that volunteered their time today to help everything fall into place. We’d like to thank a group of five volunteers from Kohl’s in Wheaton, who volunteered 2 and half hours of their time to sort fresh produce and bread to be delivered to the needy seniors tomorrow. Kohl’s has been immensely helpful to the project through their program Kohl’s Cares, which not only motivates Kohl’s employees to get out and volunteer, but lends financial support to the projects Kohl’s volunteers give their time to. These Kohl’s volunteers were joined by a few friends of the project; Jeff Marker, Siddhant Khaitan, and Vrunda Patel. We want to thank all who helped out for enabling us to reach the 121 needy seniors in our program with the freshest possible produce.

Another exciting “day before delivery day” event here at HSP is the monthly visit of Rose Garcia, founder of the DuPage/Kane County Chapter of Birthday Cakes 4 Free. Every month, Rose drops by delivering beautiful cakes purchased by her, or other Birthday Cakes 4 Free supporters, for the seniors with birthdays that month. Our volunteer delivery drivers have described the joy that springs to the faces of our seniors when they receive these wonderful birthday surprises. It is Rose’s hope to expand her Chapter of Birthday Cakes 4 Free, to serve more needy people. If you are interested in learning more, check out the Chapter’s page on Facebook: .

These people we’ve highlighted here are just a few of the many wonderful volunteers and donors that make our senior deliveries possible each month. We wish to thank each and every one of them, for equipped HSP to make an impact in the lives of the 121 needy seniors in our project.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

HSP Gets a Head Start on Happy Birthdays

Jeff and Dean with the van full of gifts for the
needy children at Head Start East Aurora

Today, Humanitarian Service Project is excited to announce a new partnership that will allow us to serve more impoverished children through our Children’s Birthday Project. Recently, HSP has begun a relationship with both the West Aurora and East Aurora locations of Two Rivers Head Start, in order to provide the needy children at these schools gifts on their birthdays.

Today was our inaugural delivery to Head Start in East Aurora, as HSP volunteers Jeff Marker and Dean Senne packed one of the HSP cargo vans to the absolute brim with gifts for 127 needy children at the school (for those with birthdays from between January and August,) and headed out. According to Dean, everyone at the school was ecstatic when they arrived. Ten people from the school were lined up excited to get everything unloaded, and they even gave Jeff and Dean a tour of the facility. Each needy child at Head Start will receive 6 brand new books, 3 new toys, and a game as to make there Birthday special. Evelyn Wall, supervisor over at East Aurora Head Start, says that these gifts will mean so much for these needy children and their families, as they will ensure that the children will actually receive many wonderful gifts for their birthday, whereas usually their families could not afford to give them anything.

Today is actually also the second distribution to our other Head Start partner, Two Rivers Head Start in West Aurora. A smaller location, this Head Start has 47 needy children turning 4 or 5 that HSP will be providing a birthday package for this year. We already distributed gifts to the children at this Head Start with birthdays last month, and today seven boxes will be picked up at our center for the children with April and May birthdays. Britney Ziegler, at West Aurora Head Start, said the needy children who received gifts from us last month, were so overflowing with excitement that they each described to her in detail everything they received.

It is only thanks to that many supporters of our Children’s Birthday Project who have donated either their money, toys, or time, that we have been able to expand the program to reach these needy children on top of the 900 already served through the project. We wish to thank all of our supporters for allowing us to make birthdays special for these children in need.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Outstanding Style Show!

Humanitarian Service Project is happy to announce a fabulous upcoming event!  The Naperville Junior Woman’s Fashion show is definitely an occasion people should be excited about. This fashion show will not only be fun but extremely helpful! The show is a major fundraiser that the Naperville Junior Woman’s Club hosts in order to serve those in need from their community. HSP is grateful to have been chosen as the Community Improvement Project by the club, so we will directly benefit from this wonderful affair!  

The fashion show will be held on April 20th, from 10am-3pm, at Drury Lane in Oakbrook. To add to the fun there will be a silent auction, a raffle, lunch, a professionally produced fashion show, and an after party to shop the designers featured in the show! This is the 40th fashion show that the Club has held, and with their 40th anniversary, the theme of the show will be “Four Decades through Hollywood.” HSP is really excited for the fashion show since it will be such a big help in alleviating the suffering of the needy seniors and children we serve. If you are interested in attending the event, tickets are still available! For more information, or to purchase tickets, check out the event page on the NJWC website:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Future Looks Bright!

Humanitarian Service Project is beyond excited to have been a part of the Elmhurst College Career Fair today! This was the first career fair the college has held in 12 years, they would like to make it an annual event, and judging by the large turnout that will most likely be happening! All of the students at the fair were eager to get a jump-start on their futures. HSP had a great number of students that were interested in joining and interning whether it was for college credit, to build their resume, develop work experience, or to learn the ins-and-outs of a non-profit organization. The students thought that it would be a huge bonus to be helping those in need while also learning and paving a path for their future.

HSP was glad to be a part of the Elmhurst Career Fair because it gave us the chance to find more interns to contribute and learn how to enhance our programs and projects successfully. There is such a variety of internships available at Humanitarian Service Project that we are able to take on a variety of students with completely different majors, ranging from English majors to accounting majors. Our internships include General Internship, Marketing & Sales, Public Relations, Senior Citizen Project Assistant, Project Management, Grant Writing, and Accounting. There are always projects to be worked on here at HSP, so if you are interested in interning with us, please e-mail your resume to and follow up by calling (630)-221-8340.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Wegner PTO Gets The Party Started!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to give a spirited thanks to the Wegner Parent Teacher Organization! This elementary school PTO, out of West Chicago, helped by coming in today and donating 17 various Party-in-a-Bag Kits. They also kindly donated extra party supplies to further spread birthday joy!

The kids and their families involved with our Children’s Birthday Project are not able to afford the extra things that top off a birthday, this is why the Children’s Birthday Project not only includes a birthday box with presents, but also includes this Party-in-a-Bag Kit. Each Party-in-a-Bag includes items such as:
·      cake mix
·      frosting
·      balloons
·       party hats
·       plates, napkins, tablecloths
·       party favors
·      candles
·       and party decorations.

Each of these birthday kits will definitely bring 17 big smiles since they positively allow for the children who receive them to have the entire birthday experience.
HSP would again wish to thank the Wegner Parent Teacher Organization for making these wonderful kits to provide needy children, the memorable birthday experience they deserve!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Bartlett, Lombard, and Kaneville Put HSP on Display

Our display at the Elmhurst Public Library

Humanitarian Service Project would personally like to thank three local libraries who allowed us to display information on our projects! Last month, the public libraries of Bartlett, Lombard, and Kaneville allowed us to set up posters in their display cases in order to educate community members about our programs, and how they can help HSP serve needy seniors and families in their communities.

Libraries are centers for the community, so we are very grateful to be able to outreach with the community through them. They are important arenas of group discussion for local members of the community. Libraries serve as a place where there can be a transfer of ideas and bonding.

There have been many friends of HSP who first heard about us through our library displays.  HSP is happy to have relationships with many local libraries, who allow us to reach out to members of the community. We are also pleased that these three libraries are making use of their status as community centers, to assist a nonprofit organization like us!       

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Speaking Out Against Poverty

Last Friday, HSP was asked to attend the Naperville Exchange Club’s Allocations Luncheon. A few months ago, the Exchange Club generously donated $4,800 to our Feed the Kids program to provide summertime food for needy families. At the luncheon, HSP Assistant Executive Director Kristin Maxwell, got the opportunity to speak before the club, and representatives from the 49 other organizations the Exchange Club supports, to talk about this program, and the impact that the Exchange Club’s generous donation will have on needy children and their families.

HSP was also invited to attend the meeting of another group who does great work in the community, the Hinsdale-Oakbrook Sunrise Rotary Club, on Tuesday. HSP was represented at the meeting by Georgeann Georges, one of the stellar members of our volunteer speaker team. Georgeann spoke to a group of around 15 members of the rotary updating them on the current state of our programs. We were very excited to have Georgeann speaking at this meeting, because the Hinsdale-Oakbrook Sunrise Rotary has been a supporter of HSP for 16 years, so it was our pleasure to educate them on the current state of our Children’s Birthday Project, Christmas Offering, and Feed the Kids program (all projects the Rotary has supported in the past.) This allowed us to show the club how their past support has helped us serve needy children.

          Keeping engaged with members of the community is extremely important to the continued success of HSP’s endeavors to serve needy seniors and families in DuPage and Kane Counties, so we would like to thank the Naperville Exchange Club and the Hinsdale-Oakbrook Rotary Club for inviting HSP to present at their events. Of course, we would also like to recognize Georgeann, and the other members of our speaker team, for giving their time and energy to represent HSP, allowing us to do such phenomenal outreach for the sake of those served by our programs.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Welcome Tasha!

Humanitarian Service Project is excited to welcome another promising intern to our team! Tasha Murphy joined us today assisting HSP as a General Intern!  Working in conjunction with HSP staff, Tasha will be assisting them making sure all projects are productive, as well as helping with outreaching to members of the community. HSP is grateful that Tasha is able to join us!

Tasha is a student at Elmhurst College studying the very useful subject of Management. Interested in working for a non-profit organization, Tasha saw that an internship with HSP would give her the opportunity to experience how a charity operates. With such a great attitude, Tasha is all smiles and excited to intern in our non-profit environment. The experience, we feel, will be invaluable as she moves forward in her career. This philanthropic environment is a big change since Tasha has been to 12 different countries and focused on experiencing the various cultures of these locales. Tasha has already fit in fabulously here at HSP! Welcome Tasha, we are super psyched to welcome such a friendly new intern! 

Monday, March 4, 2013

Volunteer Fun for Mother and Son!

On Friday, Humanitarian Service Project welcomed a great group of volunteers into our Center! We want to thank the Young Men’s Service League Panther Division of Carol Stream for coming over on their day off of school to help us out! The YMSL allows for the teamwork and bonding of mother and son while they help out and give back to their community. This past Friday the group of 8 assisted HSP by sorting the meat that will be distributed to the 121 needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project on the next delivery day, March 16th. Each month the 121 seniors in our Senior Citizen Project receive a 100lb box of groceries which includes 7 frozen meats. The Young Men’s Service League did such a great job that they completed the meat sorting and were able to further help by also sorting paper products! The Young Men’s Service League has been a continually supportive and helpful volunteer group by helping with different things ranging from toy drives, to sorting and unloading food.

Our volunteers are such a great help and make all of our goals here at HSP possible. We would like to again thank the Young Men’s Service League for their important role in helping HSP! If you would like to contact this local chapter of YMSL go to

If you would like to volunteer with HSP to help serve the needy seniors and children of DuPage and Kane Counties please contact us at (630)221-8340 or by email at

Friday, March 1, 2013

Rising to the Challenge against Hunger

Help Humanitarian Service Project compete in the 2013 Feinstein Challenge to fight hunger! Every year, the Feinstein Foundation splits a $1 million donation between organizations all throughout the county committed to ending hunger in their communities. The portion of this donation that HSP receives is directly related to how many of our supporters join us in the challenge.

Helping out is easy! Simply make a monetary, or food, donation between today, March 1st, and April 30th. The donations coming in to HSP will go straight to providing for the needy seniors and families served by HSP’s programs, and directly correlate to more money donated from the Feinstein Challenge. This will enable HSP to fulfill more needs of the hungry, and otherwise needy, in our community!

This is the 16th annual Feinstein Challenge, and the 10th year in which HSP will be participating. The challenge was started by Alan Shawn Feinstein, founder of the Feinstein Foundation, in an effort to assist community groups attempting to end hunger in the US. Since the Challenge was founded, it has helped hunger-fighting charities raise over $1.5 billion! We at HSP are excited to be involved in such a great annual event, and we would love to have as many of our supporters as possible participate.