Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Speaking Up

At the Humanitarian Service Project we like to make sure those who put time and effort into helping us, get thanked properly. Another thing we also like to do (on the rare occasions that time permits) is unwind. So when we have an opportunity to do both at the same time, it really is a fun time for us. We were able to do just that last night, as we hosted several members of our fantastic speaker team for our Community Outreach/Speaker Appreciation Dinner. Several members of the team; Christine Potthoff, Julie Michael, Anne Henriksen, Jan Yong, Marilyn Sweeny, and Beth D’Anna were able to attend, and joined us to celebrate the wonderful fruit that their work has produced for the HSP. We want to thank all members of our speaker team, both those who attended the dinner and those who could not, for utilizing their talents to help HSP serve needy children and seniors in the area.

Our speaker team represents HSP in front of large groups, helping spread the word about us in the community. The speakers on the team really are excellent advocates, because their support has generated not only lots of sponsorships for both children and senior citizens in our projects but also; food drives, toy drives, school supplies, new volunteers, new wrappers, many “Party in a box” boxes, and donations to our general fund. We had a great time with our speakers last night, and we want them all to know just how big of a difference they make. If you want to know more about being a speaker for HSP, you can check out our website:

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