Thursday, August 27, 2015

Seal Volunteers

This morning HSP hosted 8 volunteers from the School of Expressive Arts and Learning (or SEAL). SEAL volunteers regularly give their time on an almost monthly basis, to help the needy seniors we serve. The smiling faces and eager attitudes of the volunteers made for a fun-filled morning.  This was their first volunteer visit of the school year; we are happy for their support. What a great way to start the school year off! The SEAL volunteers spent an hour and a half sorting non-perishable food for the 132 seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project.  We at HSP thank them for all their hard work!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thank you! McDonald's Working Mothers Council!

 The McDonald's Working Mothers Council continued a summer time tradition, making 50 Party in a Bag Kits in support of our Children’s Birthday Project (CBP). Party in a Bag Kits are an essential part of the birthday boxes we send to the 925 children enrolled in our CBP. The kits include everything a family needs to have a party and make their child’s birthday a memorable experience. The Working Mothers Council is a group at McDonald’s, where mothers and their children engage in community service projects.  This donation was graciously dropped off by McDonalds’ associate and HSP volunteer Margret Minn on Saturday.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Allured Matching Campaign

HSP is currently in the midst of a matching campaign with Allured Business Media of Carol Stream; this campaign will run until October 16th, 2015. The goal of this campaign is to raise a $16,000 endowment to permanently add another senior to our Senior Citizen Project (SCP). Allured will match every dollar donated from community members up to $7,500. This endowment will provide a deserving senior with a monthly grocery delivery for life. Every month, the 132 seniors enrolled in SCP receive fresh and nutritious groceries. We encourage anyone who is able to donate to help us permanently support a local senior in need. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Two New Interns Join HSP

Today, HSP was blessed to welcome not one, but two new interns to our team. These interns are the first to join us for the fall. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to them.
First we have Keena Kupoluyi, who is joining us from Concordia University. Keena is working to complete her Master’s Degree in Human Services. In the future, Keena intends to use her degree in Human Services to help those in need as a Child Welfare Specialist. Keena said she is very excited to be joining HSP in order to learn the “ins and outs of a Human Services Agency.” Keena will be applying her studies in Human Services by interviewing the seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project, updating our knowledge of their needs, in addition to other projects.
Second, we would like to introduce Tom Redfield, who is currently studying Finance and Economics at Elmhurst College. Tom intends to enter a career in financial analysis after graduating, but wished to join HSP as an intern due to his passion for community service. He says his past experiences as a member of Key Club in High School, and volunteering for PADs has inspired him to give back. As a Community Outreach intern, Tom will contribute to the success of HSP’s programs ensuring we are meeting the needs of the seniors, children, and families served by our programs.

Please join us in welcoming Keena and Tom to HSP. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

Thanks to our Friends from UPS

Today was an exciting day at HSP as we prepared for our monthly Senior Citizen Project Delivery Day. Tomorrow volunteers will deliver 100 lb. groceries packages directly to the homes of the 132 low-income seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project. To help us get ready, 7 volunteers from UPS Supply Chain Solutions in Carol Stream graciously gave their time to help us sort fresh produce and bread to be delivered as part of the seniors’ food packages tomorrow. Our friends at UPS Supply Chain Solutions volunteer every month to help us prepare for our Delivery Days, and we are grateful for their steadfast support!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Goodbye and Thank You to Alinda

This week, HSP is bidding goodbye to a wonderful intern/volunteer Alinda Lord. Alinda joined the HSP team at the beginning of this year choosing HSP as the site to complete her “community service practicum” for her studies at Adler University. In this capacity, Alinda interviewed many of the seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project to update us on their needs and current circumstances. Alinda then wrote “updates” on these seniors, showing these seniors’ sponsors how their generous donations have impacted the lives of the senior they support. Upon completing her practicum in June, Alinda opted to stay on at HSP as a volunteer, to continue working with our seniors. As she prepares to move forward in her education, Alinda’s last day at HSP will be tomorrow. Alinda’s bright personality and passion for helping others was a joy to have around the HSP office, and she will be deeply missed. We wish to thank Alinda for her support, and wish her the best as she moves onto a new phase in her post-graduate education.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Great Group of Volunteers from Meadows

Today, HSP was delighted to once again host a group of volunteers from Meadows. The five volunteers spent over an hour helping us sort paper products; facial tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels, for the seniors enrolled in our Senior Citizen Project. Meadows is an Intermediate Care Residential Home that creates a supportive living experience for disabled adults. The volunteers from Meadows have always been full of smiles, and bring a great deal of enthusiasm for service. We wish to thank them for their support!