Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Birthdays All Around

     Today was filled with birthday fun here at HSP! It was a very special day for one of HSP’s wonderful employees. Matt, HSP’s Grant Manager, celebrated his birthday today. His actual birthday is Sunday, but what better way to celebrate a 26th birthday than at work among colleagues and friends. From everyone here at HSP happy birthday Matt!
   On the topic of birthdays, interns Matthew and Nicole once again ventured to the McDonald’s headquarters to explain the Children’s Birthday Project to a group of young volunteers. This was a “Helping Hands” event put on by the Working Mothers Council. These volunteers were children of the staff at McDonald’s, and their job was to put together a “Party in a Bag”. The bags consist of all the elements needed to give impoverished families the means to throw their children the party they deserve. The kids packed the bags full of candles, napkins, plates, balloons, noise makers, streamers, cake mix, frosting, and a table cloth. The children were dedicated and worked at a quick pace to complete the bags to be taken back to HSP and be given to a deserving child. All in all the kids put together a whopping 26 bags to be taken back to HSP and given to families in need! HSP sends a huge thank you to all the volunteers at McDonald’s. Every helping hand can make a difference to those in need!

If you or a group you are a part of would like to volunteer with Humanitarian Service Project, we welcome you to call us at 630-221-8340 or email us at

Thursday, July 24, 2014

A Sad Goodbye to Ashlee

            Today, all of us here at HSP had to say our goodbyes to one of our interns, Ashlee. She has done an incredible amount of work in the two months that she’s been with us, and she will be greatly missed. HSP won’t be the same without her upbeat attitude, strong work ethic, and funny stories.
            Ashlee started at HSP in May as part of the internship program at Radford University in Virgina, where she is majoring in public relations. She was
able to put her PR skills to good use here, as she contributed to numerous different projects. Ashlee spent much of her time reaching out to the community about our School Supply Drive and designing/redesigning several flyers for various HSP programs. She also assisted with our senior update process, in which she interviewed seniors to increase our knowledge about their current living situations and needs, and then recorded this information in a narrative to send to their sponsors. Ashlee was always kept busy but gave each task her all. Everything she accomplished was done so with hard work and creativity.
            This Sunday, Ashlee will be heading back home to Virginia and will start school a few weeks later. We wish her the best of luck as she enters her last year of college, although we know that she will succeed in all she does. Thank you, Ashlee!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School: Here Before We Know It

Typical supplies donated to HSP.
Doesn’t it seem just like yesterday that local children were getting off the bus to start their summer while clamoring excitedly about how they are now a grade older?

            With the 2014-2015 school year just around the corner, our annual School Supply Drive is in full swing. This program strives to help impoverished students in DuPage and parts of Kane County succeed in their studies by supplying them with the necessary items to do so. Last year, we successfully reached an estimated 3,200 children!

            By partnering with both the DuPage Regional Office of Education’s Back to School Fair on August 6th and Project Backpack in Kane County on August 9th, we hope to reach even more students this time around. However, this cannot be done without your support.
            Waiting for the sales to start? Well, you are in luck! Now is a great time to head down to your favorite store and buy pens, pencils, notebooks, whatever you can. Any amount of contribution is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in helping make a difference in a child’s life.

            Any donations can be dropped off at 465 Randy Road in Carol Stream. If you cannot stop by until after the above dates, do not worry, for HSP will be collecting supplies until the end of the month and distributing them directly to other local schools with a high percentage of need.

Can you help us reach our goal? Give to a local child in need today.

Thank you for your continued love and support. It is because of you that we are able to do what we do.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Last Fling

         As the summer comes to an end our friends at the Naperville Jaycee’s are busy preparing their annual treat for local residents, “The Last Fling”, a festival filled with music and family fun. The four-day festival will take place during Labor Day Weekend, August 29th through September 1st and will feature live music, a carnival, Family Fun Land and the Labor Day parade.
        The festival not only brings some late summer fun and joy, it helps support charities including Humanitarian Service Project. HSP is looking for volunteers interested in representing us at this event. As the Naperville Jaycee’s largest annual fundraiser, they will donate $7 per hour for each volunteer representing HSP, which will directly go to our Feed the Kids program.
       If you would like to volunteer your time at “The Last Fling” contact us at 630-221-8340. You can also learn more at They accept volunteers aged 12 and up, and ask that for every 2 to 4 younger volunteers there be an adult to help supervise them.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Daring Drivers

            Once again, the delivery day for our Senior Citizen Project was a success thanks to everyone who graciously volunteered their time on Saturday! We would like to especially recognize those that volunteered their time as well as their cars to deliver food to needy seniors. We are grateful to have our regular drivers who commit to serving the seniors each month as well as the “sub drivers” who offer their time in place of drivers that cannot make it. With their help, 123 needy seniors were provided with 100lbs of fresh produce and non-perishable goods. We couldn’t have done it without them, thank you drivers!

            If you are interested in becoming a sub-driver for our delivery days, please contact HSP at 630.221.8340. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Prepping for Delivery Day!

Tomorrow is the monthly Delivery Day for our Senior Citizen Project! We will deliver 100 lbs. of nutritious groceries to each of the 123 seniors that we support in the program. Included in this delivery are fresh fruits and vegetables, Pepperidge Farm bread, non-perishables, meat, paper products, and gifts from their “Secret Pal”. In order for the deliveries to run smoothly however, we need some assistance from some amazing volunteers to get organized and ready to deliver. Today those amazing volunteers happen to be the great people from UPS supply Chain Solutions in Carol Stream. Seven people came out today and volunteered their time to sort the produce and bread for the event tomorrow. UPS Supply Chain Solutions has been a regular supporter of HSP and we are extremely thankful for their volunteers and all the help they have given us. From everyone here at HSP, thank you! If you would like to learn more about our Senior Citizen Project, you can visit online at or call (630) 221-8340.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Healthy Pet, Happy Senior

HSP's Senior Citizen Project coordinator (R) with Bob Kingsley,
a volunteer from Fox Valley Animal Welfare League.
Would you consider your pet to be a member of your family? Do you know anyone that does? Unfortunately, however, many of the impoverished seniors in our Senior Citizen Project lack the monetary means necessary to adequately provide for them.   
That is why we here at HSP have regularly partnered with the Fox Valley Animal Welfare League in North Aurora. Each month, this group helps us reach those enrollees in need by donating pet food for any four-legged or winged companions they have.

            With July’s “Delivery Day” just two days away, we would like to take the time to extend our deepest gratitude for all the assistance the members of Fox Valley Animal Welfare League have provided since forging their relationship with us over two years ago. As a result of the organization’s generous donations, our 123 seniors can now continue to receive love, companionship and a means of staying active from the little (or big) loved ones in their life.

If you would like to learn more about our Senior Citizen Project, you can visit online at or call (630) 221-8340.