Monday, January 25, 2010

It's Time for Senior Updates!

By: Kristen Lindholm, intern

HSP is off to a roaring start for 2010! As we continue to tackle daily activities, we have started our annual Senior Updates! The updates are crucial because they allow us to learn more about our seniors and we can then share that information with our wonderful sponsors.

Our updates allow us to learn detailed information about our seniors, such as their health condition, any new specific needs they may have, and about any major changes that have happened since we last spoke. For example, many of the our seniors are diabetic and have specific dietary needs. This information allows us to make adjustments to our monthly deliveries - such as adding more fruit to their produce boxes.

By checking in with our seniors, we are able to learn of their needs and we are often able to help! Many of our seniors have poor eye sight. HSP has a great relationship with LensCrafters and we are able to refer many seniors to receive a new pair of glasses! In addition, one recent interview revealed that a senior has a new crack in her dentures and is only able to eat a soft food diet. This information is extremely valuable because HSP is now able to make adjustments to her monthly deliveries. It also allows us the opportunity to put her in touch with dental services that will solve the denture dilemma!

Our interns are having a blast tackling this project because they enjoy hearing stories from the seniors. One intern, Olivia, has been hard at work on this project in the last few weeks. "I usually talk to people my age, 21 year old. This has allowed me to talk to people who have been through so much, who have families and who have had so many experiences - I have spoken to many great-grandparents! I value the insight I am getting into where their lives have taken them, learning how they deal with their circumstances is enlightening and encouraging."

As the updates are completed, they are sent out to our sponsors so that they can continue to stay informed about their senior. The importance of this project can't be stressed enough - 2010 updates are turning out great!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

January 9th D-DAY

By: Megan Sturomski, intern
On Saturday, January 9th many of HSP's volunteers braved the cold weather to ensure that the seniors of SCP received their monthly donation of food. The box included 16-19 assorted fresh fruits and fresh vegetables, 7 frozen meats, 5 bags of nonperishable goods, and paper products. Without the help of these volunteers SCP would not be able to run smoothly. We thank our volunteers for their participation in our last D-Day and for their continued commitment to the Senior Citizen Project.