Friday, October 14, 2011

Hermes Elementary Says Thanks!

They say the world is quickly becoming paperless, with email and other things (like this blog for example) paperless-ly bringing you information you might have gotten via paper ten years ago. However, people who work in an office (like us here at the HSP office) know that there is still plenty of room for paper, and some of the most important documents still come primarily in paper form. In fact we just got some very interesting papers delivered to us here at the Humanitarian Service Project that we thought we should share with you. The papers are thank you cards from 26 grateful students from Hermes Elementary School in Aurora. These young paper savvy students sure know their way around markers and crayons, having hand written some very colorful thank you letters.

These students from Hermes sent these letters thanking us for sending them some of the school supplies from our School Supply Drive. Over the summer, Humanitarian Service Project was able to get school supplies to hundreds of students who needed them directly through their families, and managed to reach many more needy students by sending more supplies directly to schools, like Hermes Elementary. Since HSP could not have done any of this without all of the wonderful school supply donations we received from our supporters, we figured these thank you letters were as much yours as they are ours.

One of the students writes, “I am a student at Hermes Elementary School. Thank you for donating all those school supplies that we needed. I really appreciate it. We are doing something called bucket fillers. Each of us have an invisible bucket, and you just filled my bucket.” We want to thank all of the generous supporters that helped HSP “fill the buckets” of so many students in need this year. With your help, we succeeded in equipping those students who needed our help this school year.

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