Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Volunteer Spotlight: Drivers

At Humanitarian Service Project we have been blessed with many wonderful volunteers who put their time and energy into helping everything run smoothly around here. For this week’s volunteer spotlight (or should I say headlight) we at HSP wanted to recognize a specific type of volunteer around here, our volunteer drivers. At HSP we have a people volunteering to drive to help us in a number of different ways. First there are the many drivers who come to our center and pick up groceries to deliver to our needy seniors every month for delivery day. There are a number of other drivers who come and help us by driving in other days, by doing such tasks as taking our vans out to food banks to pick up food for our seniors. We wanted to extend our deepest thanks to all of our drivers who really keep things moving around here. May all of your lights be green and all of engines run smooth.

There are many people who donated their time and energy to help HSP in our mission to alleviate the pain poverty brings to the needy in DuPage and Kane County. We want to thank, not only our great drivers, but also everyone else who makes everything HSP does possible. If you are interested in a volunteer opportunity, you can learn more at this link:

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