Monday, October 10, 2011

HSP welcomes Service Learning Interns from College of DuPage

The Humanitarian Service Project is excited to welcome several students from nearby College of DuPage who will be helping out around the HSP office as part of the school’s Service Learning Program. As Service Learning Interns, the students will be helping HSP in a number of ways; primarily assisting us get a leg up on the fast approaching Christmas season (which can get a little hectic here at HSP.) We are glad to see so many students eager to make a positive impact in the community. In fact, some of them are so eager, like Rebecca who came in Friday and Jill who is in today, that they responded to calls last week asking if they wanted to come in earlier than they previously expected to. There will be a few more Service Learning students starting their hours in the next few days. We are happy to have you all here!

College of DuPage says the goal of their Service Learning Program is to “offer students a chance to master coursework content, while making a real difference in their community.” Students in the program accomplish this by volunteering for one of the program’s “Community Partners,” like the HSP. If you, like the Service Learning Interns from College of DuPage, want to make a positive impact in the community by volunteering at the HSP, you can learn more about our volunteer opportunities from our website here:

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