Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Riding the Road of Generosity

Humanitarian Service Project would like to issue a huge thank you to the Oakbrook division of the international company LexisNexis for the donation of 10 brand new bikes for the children in our Children’s Birthday Project. The bikes, which were dropped off at our center in Carol Stream by Bart, Raffi, and Scott from LexisNexis, were brought in fully assembled and complete with helmets for the children. The bikes were purchased, assembled, and delivered by LexisNexis as part of one of their “RE cares days” (the RE comes from Reed Elsevier, the owner of LexisNexis.) Again, we want to extend our thanks to LexisNexis.

The bikes will get out to needy children through our Children’s Birthday Project. Through the project, the children are granted toys, books, and party supplies on their birthday, as well as gifts at Christmastime. We are always looking for more great donations from our generous donors like LexisNexis, especially for older children’s gifts (ages 8-11.) If you are interested in the Children’s Birthday Project you can learn more by looking at our website: http://humanitarianservice.org/whatwedo/bdayproject.html.

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