Friday, September 28, 2012

Thank you Volt!

Humanitarian Service Project would like to extend a big thank you to a group from Volt, a workforce management company in Downers Grove, who volunteered their time to wrap gifts for the needy children served by our Children’s Birthday Project. The group of thirteen took more than two hours out of their busy work schedules and helped us wrap gifts for thirty five needy children. When you take into account that each child receives between 4-10 new toys, 5-7 books, numerous smaller gifts, school supplies and party supplies, wrapping all the gifts for thirty five children is no small undertaking. These Volt volunteers even donated the wrapping paper and ribbon they used to wrap the gifts. Again, we’d like to thank this wonderful group from Volt for spending part of their day helping us reach children in need.

This fantastic show of support from Volt comes at a very important time. In order to devote the energy necessary to serving the needy seniors and families in our programs during the months leading up to our Christmas Offering, it is important for us to get a leg up on wrapping birthday gifts for needy children with winter birthdays as soon as possible. The assistance of this group from Volt, and many of our other volunteer wrappers has enabled us to do just that. If you too would like to be involved in HSP’s Children’s Birthday Project, either as a volunteer wrapper or in some other way, you can learn more about it on our website:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

HSP Salutes our Super Speakers!

Today, Humanitarian Service Project was pleased to host four members of our volunteer speaker team at our center in Carol Stream; in order to show our appreciation for all that they have done for the project. We had a wonderful time sitting down to lunch with them, catching up with them, and talking about the goings on at HSP. We want to thank speakers Georgeann Georges, Leslie Ronson-Brown, Beth Danna, and Christine Potthoff for attending the event, as well as, all of the other members of the team for being such huge supporters of HSP.

The speakers play an incredibly important role for HSP because, as HSP Co-founder and CFO Floyd Kettering said at the event, “[they] really are the face of HSP to the community.” The speakers represent HSP in front of community groups, schools, businesses, etc., to educate them about HSP’s programs. Every member of our speaker team has been of invaluable assistance by keeping the community engaged in HSP’s mission to serve senior citizens and families who are suffering under the burden of poverty, in our community. We were delighted to have the opportunity today to recognize them for all their hard work.

If representing HSP in the community as a member of our speaker team sounds like something you’d be interested in, it is a great way to utilize your talents to help HSP serve the needy seniors and families in our programs. Please contact us at 630-221-8340 for more information.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Birthday Gifts and Bread for Lake Park Elementary

Earlier this week, a van full of birthday boxes for the needy children with October birthdays Lake Park Elementary was delivered from our center in Carol Stream to the school. HSP is very happy to be partnered with Lake Park Elementary as we know the need there is so great. 88% of students qualify for free or subsidized lunches. Earlier this year HSP was able to adopt all of these needy children into our Children’s Birthday Project. Each child in the Children’s Birthday Project Birthday Box includes a 20-25 pound package containing 4-10 toys, 5-7 books, numerous smaller “filler gifts,” school supplies, and all of the supplies necessary to hold a memorable birthday party.

HSP would like to thank volunteer Steve Stasiak, who volunteered his to make this delivery to Lake Park Elementary, in order to help us make these children’s (birth)days!

In addition to the boxes, HSP was also able to donate upwards of 24 boxes of Pepperidge Farm bread to Lake Park Elementary. This bread will be distributed to needy families with children at the school.
Friend of the project Jeff Marker, with the van packed full of gifts and bread that was delivered to Lake Park Elementary earlier this week.)

It is the support of our numerous volunteers and donors that has enabled HSP to make this difference in the lives of the needy children at Lake Park, and all of the other children served by our project. If you too would be interested in being involved in this project, you can learn more at our website:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank You Young Men’s Service League

Humanitarian Service Project would like to extend a huge thank you to the Carol Stream “Panther” Chapter of the Young Men’s Service League for holding and donating a large toy drive for the sake of the needy children served by our Children’s Birthday Project. The donation was dropped off at our center in Carol Stream earlier today by Debbie Finnegan, and, let us tell you, it was quite the impressive drive. Debbie’s van was completely filled with wonderful gifts including many heavily needed items like board games and sports equipment.

The Young Men’s Service League is an organization with chapters in five different states, in which mothers and their sons engage in service and make donations to benefit the needy of their communities. The Carol Stream chapter has been very active in assisting HSP this year, and has shown particular devotion to helping us reach the needy children served by our Children’s Birthday Project. Several members volunteered their time on two different days in the month of July to help sort gifts for the project, and numerous other members helped out in May during the annual Stamp out Hunger food drive. We wish to thank them again, for all this phenomenal support.

This fantastic toy drive from the Young Men’s Service League comes in a great time, as we at HSP are just beginning to prepare for the Christmas season. Not only are we committed to providing gifts to help make birthdays special for the 888 children ages 3-11 in our Children’s Birthday Project, but they, along with their siblings up to age 15, receive gifts at Christmas time as well. Toy donations, such as this one, are what continue to allow HSP to reach out to these needy children and help them feel special. If you would be interested in helping HSP’s Children’s Birthday Project, or one of our other projects, you can learn more at our website: or call us at 630-221-8340. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Allured Business Media Donates $10,000 to HSP’s Senior Citizen Project!

HSP would like to thank everyone at Allured Business Media, who generously donated all the proceeds from their Charity Garage Sale to HSP for their Senior Citizen Project.  Today, Allured representative Anita Singh presented HSP with a series of checks totaling $10,000.

From Left: HSP Co-founders Floyd and Karole Kettering, Anita  Singh from Allured, and HSP Assistant Director Kristin Maxwell.

On September 7th and 8th, the Carol Stream company held their garage sale in their warehouse, at 336 Gunderson Drive, Suite A. After the dust settled, $5,000 came in from the sale, and was generously matched, dollar for dollar, by Allured! The funds received represent two thirds of a full endowment to enroll a new senior into our program. Thanks to another recent partial endowment, HSP is close enough now to increase our program by one new senior. This means that there will be a permanent slot for another senior in our program forever.

Furthermore, many items that were not sold at the sale were donated to HSP to help fulfill the needs of the impoverished seniors served by HSP.  Each senior in the Senior Citizen Project has an individual wishlist consisting of household items that they need to make their lives easier, but they cannot afford.  Allured generously donated many such items that were not sold at the garage sale, including vacuums, TVs, and a computer. These items were delivered to the seniors as part of our Senior Delivery Day this past Saturday.
Our Senior Citizen Project helps impoverished seniors in DuPage and Kane Counties by providing a monthly 90 pound delivery of groceries, non-perishables, paper supplies, and toiletries. 

HSP would like to specifically recognize Allured President Jan Ludwig for organizing the event. HSP is very grateful to Allured for everything they have done, both for HSP and for the needy seniors they have helped!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Senior Delivery Day is Right Around the Corner

Once again HSP is gearing up for our monthly, Senior Citizen Project delivery day, which is happening tomorrow, the 22nd of September. On our delivery days our volunteer delivery drivers personally deliver 90 pounds of fresh fruits, crisp vegetables, non-perishable food, frozen meat, bread, paper products, personal care items, and a gift from a “secret pal” to each of the 120 needy seniors served by our project.
Today was a very happening day around HSP as we prepared for tomorrow’s event. We would like to recognize our dedicated volunteers Steve Stasiak and Mike Reich for picking up the Pepperidge Farm bread for our seniors. We would also like to thank all of the volunteers who came, on short notice no less, to help us sort the fresh fruits and vegetables we ordered from Caputo’s. These friends of the project; Gretchen Van Dyn, Sandra Burke, Peter Stepaniuk, Linda Krieger, Mark Pierce, Marilyn Kinney, Dawn Spiewak, and Mary Persinger, were all smiles despite the gloomy weather.  Everyone today did a smashing job and once again thank you for coming in last minute and helping out.

We would also like to acknowledge Rose Garcia, founder of the DuPage County chapter of Birthday Cakes 4 Free, who brought eight lovely cakes donated from Whole Foods for our seniors with birthdays this month.

If you are interested in being involved in our senior delivery days there are numerous ways for you to join in. Please feel free to call us at 630-221-8340 or email us at with any questions. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

McGladrey Charity Night

On Tuesday night, our very own Assistant Director, Kristin Maxwell, attended the McGladrey Charity Night for their Accounting Senior Associates and Supervisors. McGladrey, the fifth largest U.S. provider of assurance, tax and consulting services, had a rather large group of roughly 175 people come to donate gifts to HSP’s Children’s Birthday Project. Everyone wrapped their gifts while having some fun watching the Cubs and Reds baseball game at the Fox River Ballroom in the Q Center. Overall 97 gifts were donated and wrapped, ready to go to a great group of children, aged 8-11! 

This is the third time in the past few months McGladrey has hosted an event like this to benefit HSP,  as Kristin attended similar events in June and July. We would like to thank McGladrey for all that you’ve helped donate to HSP and our Children’s’ Birthday Project. We also want to specifically thank Chunna Yan and Donie McDermott for organizing this event series and supporting HSP. Because of groups like this one, we are continually able to help needy children feel special on their birthdays. We currently have 888 impoverished children participating in the Children’s Birthday Project, and every gift that we receive truly makes a child’s birthday fantastic! If you are interested in making a difference in the lives of the needy children we serve, check out our website for more information:, or call us at, (630)-221-8340.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Volunteer Spotlight-LexisNexis!

The group from LexisNexis did an incredible job today-thank you!

Today LexisNexis , a business solutions company and long-time friend of HSP, continued their streak of generosity by coming in this morning to volunteer. A group of nine volunteers, organized by Lisa Piekos, came to HSP for three hours to wrap presents for the Children’s Birthday Project. They were even kind enough to bring their own wrapping paper and tape!

This is not the first time the Lombard firm has volunteered their time to HSP. LexisNexis has helped out with previous projects, including sorting food, toys, and wrapping presents. They have also been generous with donating toys and items for the needy children and seniors HSP serves in DuPage and Kane Counties.  LexisNexis has been an incredible help to HSP, and HSP would like to thank them for everything they have done. Thank you!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Just One More Day: Vote for HSP!

There is only one day remaining to vote for HSP in the Chase Community Giving program! We would like to thank those that already took the time to vote, and encourage anyone else to vote as well, by 11pm tomorrow, September 19th. As one of the 196 nominated community groups in the Chase Community Giving Program, HSP is eligible to receive funding for our programs serving needy seniors and families in DuPage and Kane Counties, (up to $20,000) based on the number of votes we receive.

There are two ways to vote. The first is open to all Facebook users. “Like” the Chase Community Giving page, and then click the “vote now” button on the front page of the site. You will have to select “allow access” to download the Chase Community Giving app. This will give you two votes, which you can use to vote for HSP and another cause you believe in. The other way to vote is for Chase Customers only. Just go to and follow the prompts.

The money from your votes will go a long way in helping HSP continue to serve needy seniors and families in the community, so we are counting on our supporters to make their voices heard and vote. Spread the word to any friends you think may also be interested, but remember voting ends tomorrow! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

HSP Contributors-UPS Supply Chain Solutions

On Friday, HSP was invited to attend an employee recognition meeting held by UPS Supply Chain Solutions of Carol Stream, IL. UPS has been a great friend to HSP in the past, and Assistant Director Kristin Maxwell was in attendance to let employees know how their efforts have helped the community. She informed them on how HSP has been able to use their contributions for the needy, as well as updated them on future community involvement opportunities. HSP is grateful to UPS Supply Chain for all they have donated, and they have been a strong supporter of Humanitarian Service Project, particularly the Senior Citizen Project. Over the years, they have been consistent volunteers, donating their time on a regular basis to help sort produce for SCP, wrap gifts and sort presents during the Christmas season. Most recently, USP was the generous donator of $500 worth of backpacks to HSP’s annual school supply initiative. Proceeds from the initiative were donated in three full cargo vans to the annual DuPage County Back To School Fair, which helps needy school children in DuPage County get ready for school.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions also sponsors a needy senior in our project which grants the senior a 90 pound delivery of much needed groceries including, fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, frozen meats, non-perishables, paper products, and personal care items.

HSP would like to thank UPS Supply Chain Solutions for all their hard work.  Their efforts mean a lot to HSP, and have been incredibly beneficial to the needy seniors and children of DuPage and Kane Counties.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Help a Senior: Be a Volunteer Driver

HSP is looking for volunteers willing to be volunteer drivers for our Senior Citizen Project delivery days. This opportunity is perfect for someone looking to volunteer some of their time each month to make a difference in the life of needy senior citizen.

Now, you may be wondering what volunteer drivers actually do.
Drivers come to our center in Carol Stream on our monthly delivery days (usually the third or fourth Saturday of each month) at their chosen timeslot any time from 8:45am until Noon. Our volunteer loaders will pack the food for one or two seniors in the driver’s car, for the driver to deliver. Maps are provided to the senior’s homes. Volunteers can sign up to drive regularly each month, or they may volunteer as a substitute, who periodically fill the spots of regular drivers who may not be available on a given month.

Some drivers even like to get their furry friends in on the fun!
On each monthly delivery day, the 120 needy senior citizens served by our project receive 90 pounds of groceries designed to provide them with the fresh, nutritious food that they need, but cannot afford. These groceries include frozen meats, a menagerie of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, non-perishable foods, personal care items, and paper products. Volunteer drivers are the backbone of our monthly delivery days, as they are the ones who literally see to it that the seniors receive this food that they so desperately need. If you are interested in helping HSP serve needy seniors in this way, please call us at 630-221-8340. Our next monthly delivery day is fast approaching on September 22nd, and we’d love having anyone interested in participating involved in the event.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

School Supplies Save the Day

                It’s HSP to the rescue once again, this time with a whole host of school supplies for deserving schools. This Tuesday HSP sent out two vans full of school supplies to four schools in Aurora and another van full of school supplies was delivered to a school in Addison today. We want to especially thank Steve Stasiak, Larry Erven, and Bob Reininga, for helping us deliver the school supplies all the way to Aurora and Addison. We are always so grateful for their help here at HSP.

Bob and Jeff with all the supplies
                These schools were specifically selected because they have a high percentage of students whose families are incapable of providing everything their child needs for the new school year. For those children who do not have enough supplies, or any school supplies, it’s difficult to enjoy going to school or participate in class. When these students receive their new school supplies it will motivate them for the upcoming school year; that’s why HSP is happy to provide these wonderful students with new school supplies to keep them excited about school.
Sampling of the supplies 
                We wish to thank everyone who has donated supplies or money to our School Supply Drive this year. Thanks to all of our donors we were able to send to these five schools roughly the same amount of school supplies that we had sent earlier to the DuPage County Back to School Fair on August 8th. Donations are received year round, and each birthday box we send to a child in our Children’s Birthday Project has school supplies also. There’s always an impressive need for school supplies and HSP is still accepting dominations into November. Help local young students thrive; bring your donations over to HSP today! 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HSP Spotlight: Monthly Meals!

Humanitarian Service Project is looking for individuals wanting to serve needy seniors in DuPage County as part of the Monthly Meals program. If you are looking for a great way to give back to your community and help out area senior citizens, then this is the program for you!

How does Monthly Meals work?  Volunteers contact HSP letting us know they wish to provide one or more senior with a meal that month, and we will connect you with a needy senior in your area to arrange the meal delivery with.

What do you do for the meals? Well, our volunteers have a couple of choices. 

If they wish, they can make a home-cooked meal and deliver it to their seniors.  This is a great option if you love to cook. Otherwise, volunteers can purchase and deliver a meal from a restaurant, or, they can pick up a donated meal from a restaurant and deliver it to their senior.

The Monthly Meals Program is very flexible, and designed to work easily into your schedule. The times and dates of delivery will be arranged between you and your seniors, rather than a set date and time through HSP. Volunteers are welcome to commit on a monthly basis, but are not required to.
If you would like help out area seniors and volunteer your time for HSP’s Monthly Meals, please contact the Humanitarian Service Project at (630) 221-8340, or at

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Thank You Allured!

Over the weekend, Allured Business Media in Carol Stream held their first charity garage sale to benefit HSP’s Senior Citizen Project. Many of us from HSP managed to make it to the sale either on Friday or Saturday, and, let us tell you, it was quite the event. Allured had rows and rows of all manner of items such as books, children’s toys, artwork, home d├ęcor items, desks and appliances (such as TVs and vacuums.) Allured even went beyond the normal garage sale faire and had computers, furniture, and even a motorcycle for sale! On top of all of this, Allured pledged to match dollar for dollar all the money made by the sale (up to $7500!)

We want to thank Allured for all the energy and resources they put into the sale for the sake of the needy seniors served by our project. Also, we specifically wish to recognize Jan Ludwig, Allured’s President, who organized the event, and the Allured employees who volunteered their time to work at the sale. We also wish to thank everyone who donated items or who attended the event. Thanks to everyone involved, this event was a big success, and will better equip HSP to serve the very needy seniors who receive much needed groceries and others services through our project.

Monday, September 10, 2012

A Bounty of School Supplies for Needy Students

Larry and Evelyn with the purchased supplies
Over these past months, HSP has received numerous monetary donations for our School Supply Drive along with a myriad of school supply donations. Thanks to the generosity of these donors HSP is able to provide local needy students with new school supplies. With these new supplies students are sure to have a positive learning experience and be more prepared for class. Young students need supplies to help them succeed in school, and HSP is excited to be providing these students with the tools they need. Two wonderful friends and volunteers at HSP, Larry and Evelyn Erven, were able to go out and purchase various school supplies with $1,000 dollars from the School Supply Fund. Larry and Evelyn were able to purchase folders, pens, pencils, coloring supplies, notebooks, watercolors, and glue. Larry and Evelyn are long time HSP volunteers who are the chiefs of organizing our library of books for the Children’s Birthday Project.

We wish to thank Larry and Evelyn for making the school supply purchases on behalf of HSP. The supplies were purchased yesterday, and will arrive at the schools this week. We also want to thank all of the donors who have donated to our School Supply Drive this year. Every donation helps a child to succeed, and HSP is ecstatic about how successful this year’s School Supply Drive has been. We are still receiving supplies through the end of October and into November! It’s not too late to donate!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Who Cares, Kohl’s Cares!

Volunteers from Kohl’s in Wheaton were back in action once again yesterday, as they helped sort and package our paper products for the Senior Citizen Project. HSP loved seeing this wonderful group of five volunteers all sporting their stylish, purple “Kohl’s Cares” shirts. HSP Senior Citizen Project Coordinator, Tierney Hogan, spent some time with this group yesterday and said they expressed how joyful they were to find a place like HSP where they feel they can both have a good time and do important work for those in need. Likewise, we at HSP loved hosting these volunteers from Kohl’s, as they have brought such enthusiasm for service in their time here.

We wish to thank this wonderful group taking the time to help us bag our paper items for the Senior Citizen Project’s delivery day. On our senior delivery day HSP volunteer drivers deliver 90 pounds of food which includes fresh fruits and vegetables, non-perishables, frozen meat, bread, personal care items, and a secret pal gift directly to a needy senior. Thanks to your time and effort, we are getting a leg up on our senior delivery day this month. Thank you again Kohl’s Care volunteers, it was treat to have you volunteer with us again!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Polls are Open: Help HSP Receive $20,000 for the Needy

Today is the first day to vote for HSP to receive funding through the Chase Community Giving program. As we wrote in our blog a few weeks ago, HSP is one of the 196 nominated local charities eligible to receive funding up to $20,000 through the program based on the number votes we receive. This grant would mean big things for our projects to relieve the pain and suffering poverty brings to needy senior citizens and families. We hope that all of our supporters will participate and spread the word to their friends as well!

There are two ways to vote. The first way is for Chase customers only, and is as simple as going to and following the instructions to cast your votes.

The second way to vote is open to anybody with a Facebook account. Facebook users will get two votes to use by using the Chase Community Giving App found at Of these two votes, you can only use one to vote for HSP, but you can earn bonus votes that you can use to vote for HSP again by sharing content from the Chase Community Giving App on your Facebook, or by getting your friends to link back to the Chase Community Giving App and casting their own vote.

Again, we implore all of HSP’s supporters to take time out between now and September 19th, to vote for HSP. Your votes, and the funds we receive through this program, will empower HSP to continue to serve the needy seniors and families in our projects.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Garage Sale Deals this Weekend!

The Allured Business Media garage sale is this weekend! Come on down for some good deals and gently used house wares. Allured has pledged to match dollar for dollar up to $7,500 to help raise $15,000 to create a permanent endowment which guarantees a sponsorship into perpetuity for a senior. With a purchase at Allured’s garage sale you are not only getting a great deal, but you’re helping to provide an impoverished senior a 90 pound grocery package consisting of non-perishables, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen meats, bread, personal care items, and a secret pal gift. It’s a win, win situation! The garage sale has many unique items like golf club sets, life vests, fondue sets, bedroom sets, and sports memorabilia. You’re sure to find a great gift or something for around the house.

HSP wants to thank all of those who donated to this event, every item purchased is going towards supporting a senior. We would also like to thank Allured Business Media for hosting this garage sale. The garage sale is located at 336 Gunderson Dr. Suite A, Carol Stream, IL 60188 and is opens this weekend, the 7th and 8th of September, from 9am till 4pm both days. Be sure to come out to the garage sale and support HSP’s Senior Citizen Project. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

HSP Welcomes a New Intern!

The month of September is starting on an exciting note here at HSP, as today we were blessed to welcome another intern to the HSP team. Today was the first day for Kelly Adrian, our new accounting intern. Kelly is currently majoring in accounting with a minor in economics at Elmhurst College. In her role as an intern, Kelly will be help HSP Co-founder and CFO, Floyd Kettering manage all of HSP’s accounting needs.

Kelly says our internship opportunity first caught her eye because of her desire to work at a small firm. She says she was also interested in HSP because of the services we provide to the needy in the community, as she herself has been active serving others, most recently through the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity at Elmhurst. Kelly says she is motivated to serve the needy because of her deep-rooted, personal belief that people are called to serve those in need around them. After she graduates, Kelly hopes to continue gaining experience in accounting while she prepares for the CPA exam. When she has free time, Kelly enjoys playing volleyball, reading, watching movies, and loves to cook. We are very excited to have Kelly here with us. Please join us in welcoming her to HSP!