Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time for a Clean Slate

Many people look upon the New Year as a clean slate; a chance for new experiences and opportunities. At the Humanitarian Service Project we felt a need to have our environment reflect that, so we decided our warehouse ought to look like a clean slate. A daunting task, the clearing of the warehouse was accomplished Floyd Kettering, co-founder of HSP, Bud Newman, and other friends of the project. Bud was asked to help in our warehouse for the month of December, and stayed on a few days after the holiday to tackle the reorganizing of the warehouse. All of us at HSP could hardly believe we were looking at the same warehouse, when the job was done yesterday, as just a couple weeks ago, during our Christmas Offering, there was barely any room to stand in the warehouse. Of course, we don’t expect, or desire, our warehouse to be a clean slate for long. We are looking forward to all the excitement the New Year has to offer, and all of the needed food and other items for the needy people we serve that will pass through our warehouse this year.

No sooner was the warehouse completely cleared than it was back in action. Jon Patton, a Boy Scout of Troop 374, helped us start the New Year off right with his Eagle Scout Project. For the project, Jon, with help from his family, friends, and fellow scouts, made homemade, wooden toilet paper roll holders for all of the needy senior citizens in our Senior Citizen Project. He also donated enough toilet paper to fill all of the holders and then some. We at HSP were impressed at Jon’s workmanship, and are thrilled about his creative donation.

Jon’s donation will certainly help us at HSP get this young year started off right, by allowing us to fulfill a need for the very needy seniors we serve. If you, like Jon, would like to help us at HSP reach out to the needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project by making a donation, please call us at 630-221-8340.

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  1. Still, it always feels good to see a clean and organized warehouse. Sure, things will accumulate as the year goes on, but cleaning house even once a year can always help tidy up the place and recheck (or revive) inventory!