Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Faces at HSP

The New Year is starting off bright at the Humanitarian Service Project with new interns joining the HSP team. Today we had the pleasure of having two new interns start on the same day, Ian Lovera and Allie Effrein. Ian is joining HSP to complete his practicum at the Adler School of Professional Psychology, and will be working on interviewing the needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project. Allie recently graduated with a degree in Non-Profit management from Indiana University, and will be working as our new Grant Writing Intern. Please join us in welcoming both Ian and Allie to HSP.

Both Ian and Allie say they are excited to be interning at HSP. Ian just moved to the area a few months ago, and says he is happy for the opportunity to get to know the community through his service here. He says he was inspired to get involved with helping others because of the example of an old pastor of his, who Ian says lived to help others, not out of obligation, but because he wanted to. Allie was very active in volunteering in college, being a big sister and working with the Boys and Girls Club, so she was happy to find an opportunity using her skills and passion as a writer to help a non-profit like HSP. Allie says she was inspired to become active in the non-profit world by her 2nd grade teacher, who Allie described as “a great humanitarian.”

We are happy to have Ian and Allie interning with us at HSP, and we are excited to have three of Ian’s classmates at Adler starting later in the week to fulfill their Practicum as well. We still have room for more interns so, if being an intern at HSP sounds like an opportunity you, or someone you know, would be interested in pursuing, you can view our opportunities online at internships.com, idealist.org, or many local colleges’ online job posting websites.

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