Monday, January 23, 2012

Overseeing a Successful Delivery Day

The volunteer loaders and drivers for our Senior Citizen Project Delivery Day this past Saturday had a little extra audience. Humanitarian Service Project’s Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer, Floyd Kettering, spotted a curious hawk surveying the event. Our volunteers sure did not fail to give this observer something to watch, as our monthly delivery day went off without a hitch. Our Senior Citizen Project Coordinator, Tierney Hogan, said despite the large snow the day before, road conditions were thankfully clear and safe for our many volunteer drivers. She also said many extra volunteers came out to help load the cars who were a big help keeping everything running smoothly, particularly because we had a few extra donated goodies going out to our needy seniors this month. We want to thank everyone who contributed to our delivery day this month. It is only through your wonderful help that HSP is able to continually make such a big impact in the lives of the needy seniors we serve.

Every month, each of the 120 needy senior citizens in our Senior Citizen Project receives over 90 pounds of much needed groceries including fresh produce, several types of frozen meats, fresh bread, non-perishables, paper products, personal care items, and a gift from their “secret pal.” We are always in need of people interested in driving these much needed groceries to the seniors either on a regular monthly basis, or as a back up for our regular drivers. Please call us at 630-221-8340, if you would be interested in serving needy senior citizens in this way.

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