Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Spice of Life Donation

There is an old saying that goes “diversity is the spice of life.” This is a saying that we can get behind here at the Humanitarian Service Project. In order to do everything possible to reach out to the needy senior citizens and children that we serve, we have a number of supporters assist us at HSP in a myriad of ways. With such a diverse group of wonderful volunteers and donors, it is always interesting to see the many different ways they show how much they care for the needy people served by HSP’s Projects.

One donation came in yesterday that we feel truly exemplifies how great it is to have groups from different backgrounds contributing to HSP. This great group brought a youthful energy into reaching out to the needy senior citizens in our senior citizen. In fact, everything about this group is youthful…they’re 10. We want to thank these fantastic young donors from Forest Glen Elementary School’s 5th Grade Ambassadors Group for a donation of 40 personal care kits for the needy seniors in our program. Every young member of the group decorated a bag for one of our seniors and packed it full of items like wash cloths, tooth brushes, tooth paste, soap, cough drops,vitamins, Ensure protein shakes, and tissues, to make sure the needy seniors feel good and cared for. We know the seniors will be delighted with the bags, and want all the members of the Ambassadors Group to know that their thoughtfulness will really help a senior in need.

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