Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Gift for Needy Children

We at the Humanitarian Service Project are excited to announce that today, 10 children’s bicycles were picked up from our center in Carol Stream to go to needy children at Lake Park Elementary School in Addison. We are happy to give the bikes to Lake Park Elementary, because we know the bikes will bring joy to very needy children at the school. HSP coordinated with Lake Park Elementary last month, as well, to provide Christmas gifts to the students through our annual Christmas Offering. We know Lake Park will put the bikes to good use, because of the great amount of need at the school. 88% of the students at the school come from families of incomes low enough to receive free school lunch.

We at HSP are always looking for more ways to reach out to those in need in our community. We have been very happy to be able to provide for the needy children at Lake Park, and look forward to doing more for them. However, it is only through the generosity of our supporters that anything we at HSP do for the sake of the needy children and senior citizens is possible. We want to thank everyone who contributes to HSP for helping us reach these needy children at Lake Park Elementary, and everyone else we serve. If you want to know more about our programs, or for ideas about how you can partner with HSP to reach out to someone in need, check out our website at:

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