Tuesday, January 31, 2012

HSP Welcomes New Interns!

         Today, we are thrilled to welcome 3 new interns joining the HSP team. Regina, Tawney and Michelle (pictured below) are learning their new intern tasks and duties with our all-star intern Matt.


         By the way, this marks the first time in HSP history that twins joined our awesome intern staff. Tawney and Regina are attending Elmhurst College, seeking degrees in Elementary School Education as well as Business, and are both artistically talented. They will be working closely with our Marketing and Sales division to design new brochures and posters, along with other various tasks.


         Michelle, who joins us from Wheaton College is seeking a bachelor’s degree in political science. Michelle enjoys baking, viewing art, crafting, and reading. Along with Matt, who too majored in the Humanities, she will be working on several different assignments, which includes writings press releases, to gain knowledge and experience for her future career.

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