Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Senior Says Thanks

At the Humanitarian Service Project there are so many people that offer their time, talents, and resources to help us reach out to the very needy senior citizens and families that we serve. It is only through all of these people (i.e. you) that HSP is able to reach so many people in need. For that reason, when we receive a message of gratitude from someone we serve, we figure it would only be fitting for us to share it to all of you as well. So when we received a thank you from a senior today, we thought it only natural to share it with you.

The senior writes, “Many thanks to all of you and all you do. My Xmas was happier because of all your efforts. I appreciate all of the lovely gifts you sent to me, also your monthly donation. That’s what keeps me going.”

Every month each needy senior in our Senior Citizen Project receives 90 pounds of greatly needed groceries including several varieties of fresh produce, frozen meats, fresh bread, non-perishables, paper products, and a gift from their secret pal. So many of you help in so many different ways to make this all possible, we want to you to know you have both the gratitude of our needy seniors as well as our own. Thank you so much for helping HSP really reach out to so many who desperately need assistance.

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