Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Help a Senior: Be a Driver

With the holiday season in our rear view mirrors, things have certainly shifted here at the Humanitarian Service Project. Last month, it was the norm to have dozens of volunteers coming in everyday to help us carry the load. However, this time of year this is not the case because our needs at HSP have changed. This is certainly not to say we do not have opportunities for volunteers to help us reach out to the needy senior citizens and children we serve, far from it. Now as much as ever, there are numerous ways you can help us at HSP make a positive impact in the lives of the needy people we serve. You can learn more at our website here: http://www.humanitarianservice.org/getinvolved/index.html, but today we’d like to focus on one opportunity where we could always use assistance, being a senior delivery day driver.

Every month each of the 120 needy seniors in our Senior Citizen Project each receive 90 pounds of groceries (including several bags of non perishables, 7 frozen meats, several types of fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, paper products, and personal care items.) In order to make this a possibility, we at HSP have many regular wonderful volunteer drivers who deliver these much needed things to the seniors on our deliveries, one Saturday (usually the 3rd Saturday) every month, as well as substitute drivers who fill in for regular drivers that can’t make it. We are always looking for more drivers who wish to be regular drivers or substitute drivers. Drivers come to our center 465 Randy Road on Saturday delivery days from 8:45 to 11:45 am, and we will pack their cars with the supplies for 1 or 2 needy seniors. We will provide maps to the seniors’ homes. If helping out a senior in need by being a delivery day driver (either regular or substitute) is something you’d be interested in, please call us at 630-221-8340. We ask that our drivers provide two professional references.

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