Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Thank You to G & M Die Casting

Humanitarian Service Project would like to thank G & M Die Casting for their continual and much appreciated support. This is not the first time the Wood Dale company has gone out of their way to make such a large contribution. Yesterday Mark Hirsch, the president of G & M, dropped off 480 boxes of tissues. They have been donating to HSP since early 2007. The frequency of their kindness has totaled to over 5000 boxes of tissues for our needy seniors.
Paper products are such an important part of our Senior Citizen Project. Each month, included in the 100lb monthly delivery, the needy seniors in the Senior Citizen Project receive:
  • 6-8 rolls of toilet paper
  • 2 rolls of paper towels
  • and 2 boxes of tissues.           
There are 121 seniors involved with our Senior Citizen Project, which means there is a definite need for paper product donations. Once all of their necessary expenses are paid off, such as rent, utilities, and medicals costs, these needy seniors cannot afford everyday essentials. This is why HSP includes items such as paper products in their monthly deliveries. The generosity of G & M Die Casting goes such a long way here at HSP. If you would like help these needy seniors by running your own paper drive please call us at (630) 221-8340. 

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