Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Thank You Republic Bank!

Chris and Rick from Republic Bank with
HSP's Assistant Director Kristin Maxwell

Humanitarian Service Project would like to extend our deepest thanks to Republic Bank in Oak Brook for the donation of 19 computer towers. These computers will be paired with donated monitors and keyboards, and given to needy senior citizens served by our Senior Citizen Project. Many of the seniors in HSP’s program not only suffer under poverty, but from ailments that make leaving the house difficult. For these seniors, the donated computers are not only tools to make their lives easier, but also a means breaking the social isolation they have been thrust in by their living situations. HSP again wishes to thank everyone at Republic Bank especially Chris Gerrib, the bank’s Senior VP of Technology, who organized the donation.

            These days, computers have such an impact on our daily lives that it is hard for most to imagine living without one. We at HSP don’t feel the need to tell you (after all, you’re reading this on a computer,) that computers play a key role in communication, acquiring information, and recreation. However, for most of the needy seniors served by HSP’s Senior Citizen Project, computers are a luxury that they are forced to live without. With their modest incomes being stretched between necessary expenses like rent and medical costs, computers are simply not affordable for these seniors. For this reason, these computers graciously donated by Republic Bank represent a huge increase in the quality of life for these very needy seniors.

          If you too would like to help HSP reach seniors in need, you can learn more at HSP’s website:

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