Friday, January 18, 2013

Bread goes to Needy Students

Every so often, the Humanitarian Service Project is given opportunities to serve needy members of our community, in addition to the ways we have already committed to serving them with our programs. Today HSP had such an opportunity as we were happy to donate a cargo van full of bread to the families of needy students at Lake Park Elementary School in Addison. HSP is excited to have been able to give this bread to the school, because we know there is such great need there. Almost 90% of the students at Lake Park come from families with low enough incomes to qualify for free, or subsidized, school lunches. With so many families at Lake Park struggling to make ends meet, we are glad to have been able to provide them with this bread. 

The bread was dropped off at Lake Park by HSP volunteers Jeff Marker and Dean Senne. According to Jeff, when he and Dean arrived, the school staff was very grateful and excited. He said they assured him that this bread would bread would be of great help to these needy families. We wish to thank Jeff and Dean for delivering the bread to the school. 
HSP’s relationship with Lake Park Elementary School began in Christmas 2011 and all of the needy children in the school were officially adopted into our Children’s Birthday Project in February of last year. Since then, HSP has been able to coordinate with Lake Park Elementary to help them fulfill the needs of the children there, not only through providing each child a birthday box and Christmas gifts via our programs, but also donations of school supplies and, of course, this bread. We wish to thank all of our supporters who have empowered HSP to serve these very needy children.

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