Thursday, January 3, 2013

Great Idea on How to Help HSP

          In recent years, social media has taken society by storm; it helps organize and distribute information; it allows large audiences to hear a message; and it can unify a community.  Yesterday, we received a rather creative food drive put together by Sonnet Schulz. Sonnet, who in the last three years helped arrange food drives within the community for HSP, organized a peanut butter and jelly drive using Facebook to display the event in late November.  The event got some attention and soon after her family, friends, co-workers and people in the community began donating the different food items to her home.  When asked about her food drive Sonnet explained, “I offered a peanut butter and jelly drive because it is simple, fun, and everyone can relate.” She later gave details to why Facebook was her choice to host the event saying, “it was easier to reach the people that I keep in touch with.  I could also take pictures, could give updates, and get the word out about HSP.” Facebook allowed her to reach a larger audience as the information could be shared between common hearted individuals within her network. The food drive yielded three large boxes of peanut butter, sun butter for those with peanut allergens, and jelly that will be for the needy seniors.

Peanut Butter, Sun Butter, and Jelly
            Sonnet and her Facebook friends found a way to provide a focused yet fun way to help the families in need in our community.  We want to thank Sonnet and her Facebook friends and family that contributed to the wonderful donation. We share this story to inspire and encourage our supporters looking for ways to help, by continuing to think of new ways to be involved.  To get further ideas for different need based drives you can visit our website at or give us a call at (630) 221-8340.

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