Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year Brings New Opportunity for a Departing Intern

Ashley Jones PR Intern

          The start of the year means new beginnings; and for Ashley Jones, a Public Relations intern here at HSP, this holds to be true. A recent graduate of Northern Illinois University, 2013 presents new opportunities in employment, networks, and personal ventures.  While at HSP, Ashley was a big help during the busy Christmas season. She handled keeping the public informed about the continuous developments and activities here at HSP. As an intern, she kept community informed of events by writing press releases and contributing to our blog.  Also as an intern, she and her family personally sponsored giving trees during the Christmas Offering for needy children. She is a highly versatile individual, and was enthusiastic to take the new tasks the holiday season presented.
             We wish Ashley the best as her life evolves and she embraces new challenges and opportunities.  Her kind heart, strong work ethic, and ability to communicate through writing and in personal settings will help her achieve her goals.  We will miss Ashley here at HSP and look forward to hearing great things from her future.

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