Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Exchange Club of Naperville Extends Kindness

We at the Humanitarian Service Project wish to thank The Exchange Club of Naperville for making a generous donation to benefit our Feed the Kids program. Yesterday, Anna Zimmerman, a member of this wonderful club, stopped by HSP and contributed an extremely charitable donation. The Exchange Club of Naperville, is incredibly active in serving those in need, and support not only HSP but dozens of other worthy local nonprofit organizations, primarily through the funds they raise from Naperville’s Ribfest that occurs around the 4th of July. Each year HSP is able to experience this great annual festival by joining in on the fun and volunteering.

HSP's Assistant Director, Kristin Maxwell (left) meeting with
Anna Zimmerman of the Exchange Club of Naperville
The money that has been donated by The Exchange Club of Naperville will help to fund our Feed the Kids Program.  Through Feed the Kids program HSP supplies 100 families (approximately 400 children) with 175 lbs of nutritious groceries during the summer months of June, July, and August. During the school year many of these families rely on the subsidized lunch programs, leaving them in great need of nutritious food the summer months. Each family receives 15 varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables, 3-6 25lb boxes of non-perishables, 7 frozen meats, 4-6 loaves of frozen bread, and nutritious snacks that will surely appeal to children. The Exchange Club of Naperville has been a huge supporter of Feed the Kids since 2006.

Once again we are extremely grateful for the support and generosity that The Exchange Club of Naperville has shown us. It is through the wonderful supporters and volunteers of the project that allow us to provide the needs of those served by our programs. 

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