Tuesday, January 15, 2013

HSP Welcomes Three New Interns

With 2013 now in full swing, HSP would like to take the time to introduce you to three new interns who have joined the HSP team. All three of these interns will be assisting HSP in the annual process of interviewing and writing “Senior Updates” for all of the needy seniors served by our Senior Citizen Project. This assignment is an extremely important one, as it not only allows HSP to keep up to date on the individual needs of each senior, but also allows HSP the opportunity to show the supporters of the project just how big of an impact their generosity is having in the lives of the seniors. HSP is excited to have these three, bright, new interns on this assignment.

First up, we would like to introduce Tom McCann who began his internship last Wednesday. Tom is completing his internship with HSP to fulfill his Community Service Practicum for the Adler School of Professional Psychology where he studies Gerontological Counseling (counseling for the elderly.) Tom says he selected HSP as the site of his practicum because of the passion he has for serving the elderly.

Also coming to HSP from Adler is Colleen Finnegan, who just started her internship at HSP today. Colleen is at Adler training to be a Marriage/Family Counselor. Like Tom, Colleen says she was drawn to HSP because of her desire to help the elderly. She previously worked serving needy seniors as an intern at non-profit that assists adults with disabilities.

Last, but not least, HSP would like to introduce you to Ulupi Bodiwala, who also began with HSP today. Ulupi attends University of Illinois Chicago, where she is majoring in English with a focus on Creative Writing. After college, Ulupi hopes to get into editing and publishing, but also dreams of being an author. Ulupi says she is very excited at the opportunity to use her love of writing to help HSP best serve the needy seniors in our project.

We at HSP are delighted to have Tom, Colleen, and Ulupi here completing their internships. Please join us in welcoming them to HSP.

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