Thursday, August 25, 2011

In and Out

It is always wonderful to see at Humanitarian Service Project just how well needs are met thanks to our volunteers and donors. Just today we received a wonderful donation from Amy Regan of Wheaton and her family. Amy and her family are currently in the process of moving from Glen Ellyn to Wheaton, and in that process decided to graciously donate two televisions they no longer felt they needed. We at HSP found a use for one of the TVs so quickly that it was out the door almost as soon as it had come in. One of the seniors supported through our Senior Citizen Program had just beforehand called asking if we had any TVs. The senior had just had a TV break on him, and, thanks to the donation by Amy and her family, the need was filled right away.

We at HSP are always so thrilled to be able to fill a need, and it is thanks to all of our supporters that we are able to do so. Again, we would like to thank Amy Regan and her family, and all of our other donors and volunteers for all the support that they give. If you have anything you would like to donate please call us at 630-221-8340 to see if there is a need you could help us fill.

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