Friday, January 7, 2011



HSP had a Mother drop by today to pick up one of her children’s Birthday Boxes and what a surprise she gave HSP!!! We always ask our Mom’s and Dad’s to fill out a survey and provide us with feedback on how we at HSP might improve ourselves and our programs. And much to our amazement and happiness, this Mom told us she had absolutely no suggestions that could help us, because HSP has made her families’ Christmas and Birthdays so wonderful and put such wide smiles on her children’s faces that we are already doing an excellent job. This Mom does not think we could do any better, she said “how do you improve on excellence.” That made every minute we spend working for our families worth more than we can ever say! Thank you for that feedback, this fuels our energies, our hearts and our spirits to push ourselves even further in clip_image002this New Year!!!

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