Monday, January 17, 2011

Thank YOU!

The Seniors and Families we serve are very grateful for not only the material items they receive, but also for the love and support they are shown. We know this because we get so many wonderful phone calls, cards and letters from them expressing their gratitude. Many of our seniors send “thank you” notes to their Secret Pals or their delivery drivers, but we also want to share their gratitude with you. So many of you give your time and talents, or you may have given donations that go to fill in when a Secret Pal isn’t available or able to bring in a gift. We want to make sure you all know how much you’re appreciated and what a group effort serving our seniors and families through the Senior Citizen Project and the Christmas Offering is.

Here are some examples of things that were written in a recent batch of cards and letters:

One note from a senior stated, “Thank you for the gift card, you have no idea how much it helps and is so appreciated. Thank the Lord for the people like you who make a difference in someone’s life.”
Another note asked us to pass along thanks, “Please thank my secret pal for the wonderful gifts and thank the other people who brought meals. They were so wonderful and delicious.”
In a note to her secret pal a senior expressed her thanks for the gifts she received and said, “The gifts were delivered on December 14 which is my birthday and I felt doubly blessed.”

So now you can see just how grateful our seniors are to have such caring people on their side. Everyone who gives, whether it’s time, money, or items, helps our seniors and families in one way or another, so thank you! You are appreciated.

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