Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, Paul!

As the Children’s Birthday Project may have led you to believe, we love birthdays! So when one of us here at HSP has a birthday, we celebrate! Today we are celebrating the birthday of one of our newest staff members, Paul Yambrovich. Paul was recently hired as our Community Outreach Coordinator, but he isn’t new to HSP. Paul has been volunteering for the past 25 years, helping out when needed, but primarily around the holidays. Paul’s experience is in marketing and sales, and we’re so excited to have his expertise. We look forward to all the great connections Paul will be making and maintaining for us.

To celebrate Paul’s birthday, the entire staff along with two of our volunteers ate a delicious lunch from Jimmy John’s. As with any good party, we had party hats and balloons, and finished the meal with cake, ice-cream, and a chorus of “Happy Birthday.” Happy Birthday, Paul, and welcome to the HSP team!
We’re so glad to have you!

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