Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Arts and Crafts for Older Kids

Earlier this month we told you about our need for new toys for older children, ages 8-12. Through the Children’s Birthday Project, HSP sponsors children ages 3-12, and while we receive many donations from our great supporters, there always seems to be a shortage of gifts for the older kids.

We gave you some ideas of gifts for boys and girls ages 8-12, but we’ve had a few questions about what kinds of craft items we could use. We thought we’d give you some great ideas that we’ve seen before and seem to be a big hit!

Whether you buy single items or get creative and put together a craft kit, the list of items below will give you ideas on some great gifts for older children!

 Sketchbook, watercolor pad, drawing paper, tracing paper, canvas panels
 Drawing pencils, mechanical pencils
 Watercolor pencils
 Markers
 Watercolor sets like Crayola Washable Water Color Set
 Acrylic paint set
 Brushes/brush set
 Paint by number set
 Sidewalk chalk
 Pastels
 Calligraphy & lettering sets
 Art instruction books such as how-to draw and paint books
 Construction paper
 Dream catcher kits
 Cray-pas
 Coloring books
 Fabric stickers and items to decorate such as canvas bags, aprons, etc.
 Crayola Fabric Crayons or Markers
 Air-dry or modeling clay
 Rubber stamp kits
 Scrapbooks and supplies like paper, art punches, ribbons, stickers, embellishment charms
 Pom-poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners wavy craft scissors, buttons, spools, sticky gems or dots, felt squares
 Glue pens or sticks
 Loop and loom sets to make potholders
 Craft sticks
 Bead kits
 Sand art kits
 Unfinished ornaments to decorate
 Sewing or needlecraft kits
 Origami projects
 Photo frame decorating supplies

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