Monday, January 3, 2011

After Christmas Sales!

Who doesn’t like a good sale? Now that the holidays are over, a lot of stores are having amazing sales on toys and other items that they have too much of. Some toys at Target are currently half price, and most other stores are having similar sales. If you’ve been thinking about donating something, this might be a great time to head out and get the most for your money!

The Children’s Birthday Project is always in need of new toys for older children (ages 8-12), no matter the time of year. Not sure what to get? The best way to decide is to think about kids you know and the kinds of things they would like to receive. Additionally, we have supplied some ideas below.

Here are some ideas for boys:
Craft Items

• Model Kits (Car/Plane/Animal)
• How-to-Draw Kits
Sports Items
• Footballs (Jr. Size)
• Basketballs (Size 28.5)
• Soccer balls (Size 4)
• Frisbees
Toys and Games
• Lego’s
• Board Games
• Handheld Electronic Games

And here are some ideas for girls:
Craft Items
• Bead or Jewelry Kits
• How-to-Draw Kits
• Design Kits
Beauty Items
• Bath or Shower Gel
• Lotion
• Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Bath Glove
• Journal
• Photo Album
• Picture Frame
• Camera
• Purse

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