Monday, January 24, 2011

January's Delivery Day!

We’re happy to report that we had another successful delivery day this weekend! The Friday before delivery day is always busy and exciting, sorting and preparing all the nonperishable foods, meats, produce, and gifts. With the help of a great group of high school students from Glenbard South High School’s National Honor Society, we were able to sort all the produce so that each senior was able to receive a custom order! A big thank you to those students! We would have been here all night without your help!

Saturday morning was frigid and snowy, but our dedicated volunteer drivers pulled in with smiles on their faces. Some even brought hot chocolate to share with the other volunteers and staff, and as a special treat, one driver brought doughnuts! That certainly made the morning brighter and warmer.

One by one the cars were loaded up and the drivers headed off to deliver food and gifts to the seniors on their lists! When all was said and done we had delivered to 116 seniors. Each senior received 5 bags of nonperishable foods, 7 selections of frozen meat, 9 varieties of fresh vegetables, and 9 varieties of fruits, along with 3 bags of paper products and personal care items, plus their Secret Pal gifts! Thanks to a donation we received, we w
ere even able to deliver a flat screen TV to one of our grateful seniors! Thank you to everyone involved for your hard work and commitment to helping HSP and our very special seniors!
(Pictured from top to bottom, listed from left to right: Glenbard South High School's National Honor Society; Volunteers Steve Stasiak, Carole Kimmey, Ruby Feeley, Aaron Kunamalla, Dawn Spiewak, Dave Swiston, Bob Petersen, Sergio Murillo, and Jim Hebert; Volunteers Carole Kimmey, Kelly Moody, and Ruby Feeley)

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