Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Not snow, nor sleet, nor freezing rain will keep us away!

This morning brought yet another slippery and slushy commute, but that didn’t stop us from opening up and doing the work we love to do, especially with the monthly senior food deliveries coming up on Saturday.

But there was still the issue of all that snow and slush this morning that someone had to shovel. So how could we resist but to rush out and take a picture of Karole Kettering, Founder and Executive Director, shovel in hand, clearing the sidewalk with the help of Alex Gordy, our Database Administrator. A little while later Karole’s husband, Floyd, our CFO and Co-Founder, was out there taking a turn too! Karole and Floyd are always stressing teamwork, and today they really led by example!

We wish you all a safe commute and happy winter travels. Stay safe and take some time to enjoy the winter weather.

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