Friday, November 16, 2012

Thank You Girl Scouts of America

            Many wonderful organizations lend a hand around HSP, allowing us to serve the needy seniors and families in our programs. One such organization that has really made their presence felt this week is the Girl Scouts of America. HSP has been blessed to have, not one, but three gung-ho troops of girl scouts giving their time and energy to helping us serve the needy in our community. Monday troop 50724, a middle school group from Woodridge, donated 15 boxes of food on their visit and stayed to help sort food in the warehouse.  Troops 54 and 23 came from Lowell Elementary in Wheaton on Tuesday; where, they toured HSP and offered eight bags of food yielded from a drive put on by their elementary school. Today, a troop 51873 from Downers Grove donated 310 batteries; moreover, they volunteered to prepare items for the Senior Citizens Project and the Christmas Offering.    
            The local troops that volunteered this week are actively investing time in the community year around whether through food drives or local clean-ups of outside areas.  Many of the girls have been in the same troop since kindergarten and have developed a mentality of helping others.  One troop member said, “If I wasn’t a girl scout I would not have been given the same chances to donate and get involved in the community.”  The opportunity that Girls Scouts provide creates a passion to make a difference in the community with their peers.  Another troop member highlighted what it meant to help people her age in the Christmas Offering, “What we do means a lot, I hate seeing people without. I want to help them. This is a way that we can help the people around us have a better Christmas.”  Attitudes like this continue to garner like-minded people to help make Christmas better in many homes.
            We want to thank these local troops for extending their time and donations to the Humanitarian Service Project; and, we encourage all of our supporters to extend some portion of their lives to helping a neighbor.  

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