Monday, November 26, 2012


Christmas is just around the corner and along with that comes Humanitarian Service Project’s (HSP) Giving Tree.  Every day we receive numerous phone calls from needy families hoping to have their children added to our waiting list. To keep up with this need, Giving Tree gifts is one way you can help HSP provide a joyous and cheerful Christmas. HSP has already committed to providing 1,200 children with gifts and hopes to be able to give to many more. Each child in the giving tree receives 3 gifts.

If you are interested in providing gifts through the giving tree, all you have to do is let us know the number of children you would like and we will provide you with the age and gender of the child and a wish list with the suggested items for the child.  HSP asks that each gift be in value of $25. You can choose to purchase the entire list, or just one item.  Once you have purchased the gifts, we ask that you drop them off wrapped to our center located at 465 Randy Rd., Carol Stream, IL by December 7.

Help us to make a child smile this holiday season.

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