Thursday, November 29, 2012

Rolling up their Sleeves

Resurrection Lutheran

At HSP we are blessed to have quality volunteers who are friendly, enthusiastic, and focus on the excellence of the service they give. This week, three groups who have a volunteering relationship with HSP, devoted time to help us prepare for our up-coming holiday projects. Yesterday, a group from Resurrection Lutheran Middle School sorted bread for families enrolled in the Christmas Offering.  This group was the second group from Resurrection Lutheran that has come in the last two weeks.  The items sorted this week was, a mixture of white and wheat breads, bagels, hamburger and hot dog bun, and Cinnamon swirl Bread.

Lexis Nexis
     Also yesterday, Lexis Nexis of Lombard brought six wholehearted volunteers that put together bags of non- perishable food for our seniors and helped organize our pantry shelves.  Lexis Nexis helps throughout the year.  Most recently in late September, they came to help wrap gifts for the Children’s Birthday Project. We were happy to see familiar faces as a number of volunteers yesterday, volunteered in September and in previous events. They help often; especially during busy times, giving a hand to enable us to best serve the needy families and seniors in our projects.

Willowbrook High School
            Today, a spirited group form Willowbrook High School helped make the bread packages for the families in the Christmas Offering.  Peggy, A teacher at Willowbrook High, mentioned this is the fifth year that her class has helped here at HSP; and, it brings the best out of her students.  Peggy’s students learn how do take instruction, to persevere, problem solving skills, and time management skills as a part of their transitional curriculum. These students from Willowbrook High School are aware of what goes on in the community and being active with HSP is a positive way to influence the place they call home.  “It does not take much to help,” Peggy adds, “You don’t have to have ‘Everything’ in the world to give.”   Indeed the students at Willowbrook High School have embraced being active in the community which we appreciate here at HSP.

            Again, we want to thank all of our volunteers for the quality service they give here at HSP. We also want to recognize all of our volunteers that help this time of the year.  Moreover, if you want to help please check out our web site or give us a call at 630-221-8340.

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