Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Making Room for the Cheerful Giving

     Visitors to HSP may notice an addition to our facility, and wonder why or how it got there.  Each year at Christmas time, the capacity needed for our Christmas Offering, and other projects, exceeds the storage capacity of our center.  Yesterday, National Van Lines kindly delivered a trailer to HSP to alleviate that problem.  The trailer was delivered by Michael Graham, a National Van Lines driver from California, who happened to be in town. The trailer will be parked next to our dock until after Christmas, where it will serve as temporary storage for the gifts given to the needy children served by our Christmas Offering. We are grateful to have the trailer measuring an additional 2500 cubic feet in storage capacity; and it has been given to HSP free of cost over the holiday season. We thank Maureen Beal President of National Van Lines for helping provide a convenient solution to our limited space in the holiday season. 

            The space added by the trailer is used to house our gifts for the Christmas Offering. The Christmas Offering provides gifts to children in the area for the holidays.  In the Christmas Offering, each child receives at least three gifts; and, with large amounts of committed donors, we maximize our outreach to local youths.  The trailer that has been provided gives us the ability to harbor more gifts to serve more families, and help add cheer to more homes this holiday season.

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