Tuesday, November 13, 2012

HSP Welcomes a New Intern!

Today, the Humanitarian Service Project is excited to welcome a new member to our internship team, Kaaron Carter. Kaaron is currently wrapping up his senior year as a Business Administration major at Park University in Missouri, but, through the magic of online classes, he is here ready to serve. Kaaron joins us as a Public Relations intern, and will be assisting HSP with community outreach. Kaaron says he is very excited to get going here at HSP, and is looking forward to gaining new experiences. We in turn, are happy to have someone so enthusiastic about contributing to our projects joining us.

Kaaron comes to us with a heart and mind already primed to serve those in need. While in college he was heavily involved in a yearly volunteer event, appropriately called “The Big Event,” in which he and his football team went out and performed chores and odd jobs for senior citizens in need. He also has been a volunteer track coach for children ages 7-18 for many years now, on top of a myriad of other volunteer activities he has been active with. Kaaron says he has always felt called to serve those in need, because throughout his life he has benefited from numerous mentors willing to help him grow, whether it be in academics or athletics. When not occupied by school or volunteer work, Kaaron loves to run, play basketball, and is a huge football enthusiast. Please join us in welcoming Kaaron to HSP! 

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