Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thank You Barnes & Noble

Today, HSP received our first donation of new books for the Christmas season from the Barnes & Noble Book Store in Naperville. HSP is one of the three chosen charities who will receive new books donated by Barnes & Noble customers throughout the holiday season. They have supported HSP in some fashion for at least the last 13 years.  Over that time, they have donated thousands of books for local youths; therefore, promoting active young readers throughout the community.  The new books include many popular authors and favorite titles; such as, stories by Dr. Seuss and Beverly Cleary; as well as, titles like Curious George.  These new books will help facilitate the importance of higher learning within local communities.
A few books from the first delivery provided by Barnes & Noble in 
            At HSP, These new books are used for needy children; furthermore, new books always hold prominence in the programs they serve. The programs that distribute new books to the community are; the Children Birthday Project, where the children receive 5 to 7 new books as apart of their birthday package; also, these same books are being included as gifts during the Christmas Offering as well.  Without these new donations, many needy area youths would be deprived of a fundamental piece of education.  Regular reading can provide confidence and inspiration for a person’s educational development regardless of age; meaning, it is imperative for the young and the impressionable to have the resources to empower their futures.

            We thank Barnes & Noble for providing a service that seeks to lend a helping hand in developing the thinkers and doers of the future, because education makes a community better.  Barnes & Noble understands this concept and its relationship to developing young readers. We also thank the individuals who donated new books to the service that Barnes & Noble provide, and encourage all of our supporters to do the same. Barnes & Noble has a daily goal of 40 new books, and they enjoy exceeding this goal.  The drive runs throughout the holiday season, and in the season of giving, what is better than a gift of hope, knowledge, and personal freedom.

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