Tuesday, May 8, 2012

United Stationers has Birthdays “Wrapped Up” for 35 Needy Kids

Something being stripped completely bare usually does not have positive connotations. However, when the thing being stripped bare is the “to be wrapped” section of the part of center dedicated to the Children’s Birthday Project, we can certainly live with it. This area, that usually houses large bags full of unwrapped toys that will be wrapped before being sent to the needy children we serve, has been stripped bare thanks to the generosity of United Stationers of Carol Stream, who have donated their time and wrapping paper to wrap gifts for 35 needy children in our project!

United Stationers was initially penciled in to wrap gifts for 25 children, but when Dora McLin, the Local Transportation Manager at United Stationers who has graciously spearheaded their wrapping campaign, called in yesterday she thought, “what’s another ten bags?” Well let us tell you, with each bag containing 4-8 large gifts, 5-7 books, and numerous other smaller gifts, 10 bags is no short order, not to mention the 35 total that United Stationers has taken to wrap.

United Stationers has been a wonderful supporter of HSP, by donating their resources and energy to helping the needy children and senior citizens in our projects. It seems that recently, they have decided to add “master wrappers” to their service repertoire, as less than a month before picking the 35 bags up yesterday, they wrapped gifts for 29 children. We want to thank everyone at United Stationers for all that they have done to help HSP reach needy children on their birthdays. If you would like to follow United Stationer’s example by wrapping gifts for 1 or more of the 900 needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project, please call us at 630-221-8340.