Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tales from the Dock: United Stationers Wraps Gifts for Needy Children

At Humanitarian Service Project, we have a dock from which things can easily go in or out of our warehouse. While we have a few regular shipments, most of what comes to the dock are great surprises from our wonderful supporters donating items to the needy senior citizens and families we serve. Such was the case today when the dock doorbell rang, and we had no indication of who it was. Let us tell you, it sure was an exciting surprise when it turned out to be a truck full of gifts our friends at United Stationers wrapped for the needy children in our Children’s Birthday Project. United Stationers dropped off gifts they wrapped for 26 of the needy children in the project, and they even have more coming in soon.

It may look unassuming, but our dock has stories to tell.

To give you any indication of why the driver from United Stationers was right to use the dock instead of our front door, each bag of gifts contains 4-8 toys, 5-7 books, a stuffed animal and numerous smaller (or “filler)” toys. This means United Stationers graciously wrapped between 104 to 208 large gifts, 130 to 182 books, and countless smaller gift. We want to thank United Stationers for donating the time to help HSP reach out to needy children on their birthdays. If you would be interested in following United Stationers’ example by wrapping gifts, or making some other kind of donation, please check out our website at: to learn more about what we do, and ways you can help. Who knows? The next happy tale from the dock could be about you.

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  1. The dock door looks like Iron Man.