Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Thank You Pleasantdale Middle School!

The boxes sorted by Pleasantdale Middle School

At this time of year, with the weather warming up and the end of school so near, school children across the country are starting to get a little antsy. With the promise of summer vacation on the horizon, many students are brimming with energy and yearning to get out of the classroom. HSP would like to recognize one such group of Middle School students who opted to use this energy in a positive way. We would like to thank a group of 10 students from Pleasantdale Middle School in Burr Ridge, for spending three hours in our warehouse volunteering their time sorting food for needy families served by our Feed the Kids Project.

Our Senior Citizen Project Coordinator, Tierney Hogan, said the group from Pleasantdale Middle School took to the task of food sorting with enthusiasm, and did the work assigned to them with both care and “extreme efficiency.” These students built 100 boxes full of non-perishable foods such as canned vegetables, soup, pasta, cereal, and main meal staples with such speed, that they also assisted us by categorizing some unsorted food in our warehouse as well.

All the food sorted by Pleasantdale Middle School will go to the needy families in our annual Feed the Kids Project this summer. Through this project, 100 needy families will receive much needed food during the summer months when the absence of school lunch programs increases the already intense financial strain they are under. The project is designed to provide these families (especially the children of these families) the necessary nutrition they need in this time of food insecurity. We wish to extend our deep appreciation to this group from Pleasantdale Middle School for donating their time and energy to make this difference in the lives of these needy families. If you too would like to participate in the program, please call us at 630-221-8340, to find out how you can help. 

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