Monday, May 21, 2012

HSP Welcomes a Trio of Interns

Having recently welcomed our new interns Jennifer, Eric, Brian, and Samantha the past couple of weeks, today we are happy to have another trio of interns beginning their internships as well. Allow us to introduce you to marketing intern Stacey Tokuda, grant writing intern Lianne Dottin, and public relations intern Sarah Olson, who will be joining the rest of our summer interns in helping us reach the needy of our community this summer.
Lianne (left) Sarah (second from left) and Stacey (far right) with HSP Assistant Director Kristin Maxwell (second from right.)

Stacey goes to Michigan State University where she studies economics. Stacey says she applied to be an intern here because the idea of working for a non-profit intrigued her. She hasn’t had much experience with charities, so she is looking forward to the opportunity. However, this does not mean Stacey has no experience volunteering. She previously volunteered her time tutoring middle school students. As far as her non-service or scholastic interests are concerned, Stacey loves the outdoors. She enjoys longboarding and generally just likes to be outside.

Also joining our team today is Lianne Dottin, who is double majoring in psychology and communications at University of Illinois. Lianne says interning at HSP was a natural decision for her because she is very active with the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity. Lianne says her love of service stems from her love of people. She is excited at the opportunity to be involved with a non-profit in action. Other than volunteering, Lianne enjoys playing the violin, which she has been doing for 8 years.

Last but not least in Sarah Olson, who is an english major also from University of Illinois. Sarah was searching for a place to do public relations work, and was very excited to learn about our internship opportunity, because she is very interested in our projects. She is excited to be doing her internship with a group that works hands-on with the needy. Sarah has been very active throughout her life volunteering with children, running dance and cheerleading camps. She also belongs to a sorority which works with sick children. Sarah’s hobbies include writing and reading. Her favorite book is The Great Gatsby.

We are excited to have Stacey, Lianne, and Sarah working with us. Please join us in welcoming them to HSP.

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