Friday, May 18, 2012

Aimco and Kindercare Help us Get Everything “Sorted Out”

With so much food coming into our center from the Stamp Out Hunger food drive this past Saturday, and fresh produce and bread coming in for the needy senior citizens as part of our senior delivery day tomorrow, we’ve had quite a bit of food to sort through this week. Thankfully, we’ve had a number of wonderful people who’ve stepped up to help us “get everything sorted out” so to speak. We want to thank the groups of these food sorters from Aimco and Kindercare, for volunteering their time and energy this week to reach the needy families and seniors in our programs.

With Stamp Out Hunger being last Saturday, our warehouse has become packed with food to go to the 100 needy families served by our Feed the Kids program this summer. However, throughout the week six volunteers from Aimco came to help sort food in our warehouse as part of the “Aimco Cares” Program. These volunteers were a huge help, both helping us get organized after Stamp Out Hunger, and helping to prepare our warehouse to reach the 120 needy seniors in our project with 90 pounds of food this upcoming Saturday!

Another group that graciously came to assists us by sorting food was a group of 9 from Kindercare. These wonderful helpers did not come from one specific Kindercare, but are the directors of each of the local Kindercare Learning Centers. While we are sure its quite different than being the director of a Kindercare, these directors brought enthusiasm to helping us sort out fresh produce to be delivered to the 120 needy seniors in our program tomorrow. We wish to thank these two wonderful groups from Aimco and Kindercare for happily volunteering there time to assist us in reaching the needy of the community. With Feed the Kids around the corner, and deliveries going to needy seniors in our project every month, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer your time food sorting like these fantastic volunteers did. If you are interested please call us at 630-221-8340 to schedule a time for you.

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