Thursday, May 10, 2012

Two Schools Score an A+ in Helping the Needy

The items donated by Springwood Middle School

As it gets to be the time of year when the school year is getting closer and closer to summer vacation, many students start to lose focus. We have it on authority from a former teacher that even some educators are prone to rest on their laurels at this time of year. However, we at Humanitarian Service Project know at least two local schools where this certainly isn’t the case. In fact, the students and faculty at these schools, Springwood Middle in Hanover Park and St. John’s Preschool in Naperville, are so unaffected by this pre-summer daze that they used their energy to run drives to benefit the needy senior citizens that HSP serves.

Marisa Struyk, the teacher at Springwood Middle School who delivered the school’s donation to our center in Carol Stream, said “that the students really got excited about the idea of helping needy senior citizens, so they worked hard to support the drive.” Their hard work certainly paid off; the school wide drive ended with Marisa’s SUV packed completely full of paper products, personal care items (like soap and shampoo,) and food all for needy senior citizens.

St John’s Preschool’s donation
Following the example of these middle school students, the much younger students at St. John’s Preschool in Naperville also held a very successful drive to provide paper products for the seniors. More than filling seven incredibly large plastic bags, the children at St. John’s collected hundreds of rolls of paper towels and toilet paper. We at HSP wish to thank everyone at both Springwood Middle School and St John’s Preschool for all they have done for the needy seniors in our project. They’ve shown that they are not only committed to finishing the school year strong, but committed to using their energy and resources to help those in need. 

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