Friday, May 25, 2012

School’s Out for the Summer: Not for These Kids

     As the spring semester ends for many college campuses around the area, a herd of freshly awakened students rush to the beaches and local pools to soak in the beaming summer sun after days of sulking over notes and textbooks trying to study for finals. However, this isn’t the case for a handful of the new interns starting up their first days at HSP this month. Referring to the previous posts, we welcomed Jen, Brian, Eric, Sam, Sarah, Stacey and Lianne into our family with open arms. Nervous stares and wandering eyes were just few of the indications that this will be the first internships for all of the newcomers, yet we have no worries that this bunch will have no problem fitting in.
     Our interns are divided into teams based on their projected assignments throughout their internships. One of our Public Relations intern, Sam, is extremely glad to be able to land an internship falling under her major. “I’m thankfully for this opportunity to be exposed to an office environment and get a head start on something I want to do after I graduate. I hope that during my time here at HSP I will be able to improve my writing and get a general sense of what the non-profit business is like.” Our interns will be working on the Senior Citizens Project, Feed the Kids and many more behind-the-scenes projects.
     We will be welcoming two more interns the beginning of June, Morgan and Kate. We are looking forward to working with these new interns and what the summer has in store for us.
Grant interns, Lianne and Eric, organizing grant files.

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