Monday, April 2, 2012

Warm a Senior’s Heart, Donate a Warm Meal

With Easter approaching, many people are getting ready for large family gatherings. While different families surely have different customs, large family gatherings almost universally translate into large family meals. However, imagine what it is like for the needy senior citizens that HSP serves, most of whom have little to no family in the area, as well as having physical ailments that make cooking difficult. For these seniors, all of whom are under severe financial stress, oftentimes a nice, warm meal is not a possibility. This is why Humanitarian Service Project created the Monthly Meal Program. Volunteer participants of the program make, or purchase, a warm meal for one of the needy senior citizens in our project and bring it to them. This can be either a regular or one time service to help a needy senior. Many volunteers use this opportunity as a bonding experience between family members or as a group activity.

This program means so much to the needy seniors that HSP serves. Many of the seniors have been very vocal about how much they appreciate those who have volunteered their time and cooking skills to the program. One senior said, “Everything was just wonderful, [the volunteer] was very sweet, and came and chatted with me. She was a fantastic woman.” Another senior mentioned how much she “loved” the food she received, and how it was so nice to receive a nice warm meal. She mentioned that her physical limitations make cooking hard, and going out to eat is not financially or physically realistic. We are looking for more people who want to help reach out to a senior citizen in need through this program. If you are interested, please call us at 630-221-8340.

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